Atmospheric EDM | Gianfranco Pescetti: Daystar Nocturnal (Independent / 25 January 2024)

Atmospheric EDM
Gianfranco Pescetti: Daystar Nocturnal
(Independent / 25 January 2024)

“Music, for me, is something fluid. There has always been an ambivalence that I can't get away from. “Daystar Nocturnal' is my attempt to explore the depth of emotions and create a profoundly personal and evocative sound without conforming to the rigid specifications of a particular genre, all while keeping an eye to the dance floor,” says Gianfranco Pescetti of his latest release, Daystar Nocturnal.

Album cover by EDM artist Gianfranco Pescetti

Daystar is the first full length release for the EDM artist in a decade, and follows up on a successful string of singles in 2023. Pescetti does it all on the track, including bass as well as keyboard and programming.

Naturally, EDM is about danceability, but Gianfranco's layered approach also creates endless possibilities. Patterns emerge, and then merge into a different beat, building intensity with each swirl into a different mode. 

There's a nice sense of invention that cuts through the release. Each track offers something a little different. Macchia, I'll See You... offers a moody melody and guitar sample that blends seamlessly with ethereal synth. It's atmospheric and he keeps it interesting with small variations throughout.

EDM artist Gianfranco Pescetti

Obsidian has a classic arc that takes you from hypnotic to an irresistible groove, then back again in an addictive loop. Pescetti has a nice sense of structure that allows for a nice degree of variation and momentum in each track.

Be My Ghost, in contrast, has a kind of playful robot vibe, softened with bell-like synth tones and an upbeat mood. Wordless vocals add a human touch to the electronic beats. 

Daystar Nocturnal is inventive EDM for listening, partying or dancing.