Music Meets Meditation | Theda Phoenix: Crystal Calm Vol 2 (Independent / 22 September 2023)

Music Meets Meditation
Theda Phoenix: Crystal Calm Vol 2
(Independent / 22 September 2023)

Vancouver singing bowl performing artist and singer-songwriter Theda (Theeda) Phoenix has a recent release of meditative music -- along with an enviable multi-hyphenate persona as an artist.

Theda Phoenix ambient music CD Crystal Calm Vol 2

She creates vibrational soundscapes with crystal singing bowls and dreamy vocals, along with natural sounds. It's music meant to evoke the sense of oneness that is the goal of meditation.

Theda was raised in British Columbia, in a float-home on the ocean of Echo Bay, Simoom Sound. Her connections to coastal culture and the unique natural environment are deep. It's a sensibility that fuels her music-making today.

"Shy and introverted as a child, I always had a strong sense of nature that nurtured my intuitive sensitivities. I discovered my calling early on, through a deep emotional connection to the beauty of music and a profound spiritual experience. I became passionate about the mind/body connection, holistic healing and self-development, and about music as a tool for healing. I love to sing intuitively, create songs in the moment and perform sound healing journeys that inspire others to access the healing power of sound and singing.",

The crystal singing bowls are made of quartz in various sizes that are tuned to different frequencies, i.e. pitches. Theda weaves the vocals and the sound of the crystal bowls together into music that is meant to cross the border between song and meditation. She also uses the sounds of water flowing in the Ganges River in India as part of the sonic stew.

The effect is quite pleasant and calming, the sounds immersive. There's some studio magic to add to the effect, but it's only in the service of the music itself, and not obtrusive. 

Vocalist/composer Theda Phoenix

"I believe in the transformative power of music to transcend boundaries and touch the soul. With this music, I aspire to create a space for introspection, connection, and healing. I invite listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner exploration, with the sounds of ethereal vocals, Crystal Singing Bowls, flowing river waters and electronic pads that weave throughout."

'Crystal Calm Vol 2' isn't just music, it's a sonic gateway into a deep inner journey, a multi-layered creation utilizing unique binaural recording technology. Crafted with hours of attention to the subtle nuances of each sound. It guides you on a journey into self and the place where you feel a sense of oneness with all of life."

You'll enjoy the music as a companion to your inner journeys.