Storyteller | Stevie Cornell: Some Sweet Dream (Independent / 29 March 2024)

Stevie Cornell: Some Sweet Dream
(Independent / 29 March 2024)

Some Sweet Dream is only the second solo album for Stevie Cornell, despite a half century spent as a fixture in the music scene on the West Coast, specifically Northern California's Americana scene. He's a native of Santa Rosa, Cali.

Guitarist Stevie Cornell CD: Some Sweet Thing (cover)

He mines the countrified surf rock slash folk of the late 1960s and 1970s, with influences that run from The Doors to Johnny Cash.

The tracks draw from a broad palette of North American genres of the era. He uses familiar elements in sometimes unexpected ways, blending idioms you never thought would meet 

He blends elements of Americana and classic 60s radio pop on Better As A Memory, the first track, with surf rock chords at the chorus. Courage, in contrast, has a more emotional, stripped down feel closer to the heart of Americana. Some Sweet Dream, the title track, adds four part vocal harmonies to the mix, along with a churchy organ in the background.

Guitarist Stevie Cornell

Other stick closer to their roots, like the sweet country waltz in Drunkard's Lullaby, complete with keening violins, or the twangy-guitar driven Don't Look Down.

One More Time is a stand-out track with a dark country swing to it.

It's country surf rock with a polished edge, and should satisfy aficionados of both country and Americana.