The Interviews

As the years click by, one of the things that becomes obvious when you're producing a blog is that old posts tend to get buried, often quickly. Since interviews are one of the most popular posts in general, and the ones that people will often look at over time, and since they represent my original work (as opposed to media releases) I decided to gather them together here, organized by the discipline of the interviewee.

• You'll find the most recent interview pieces on
• You can also check out my archive at the now defunct Sway Magazine, where I freelanced from 2011 till they folded in 2012, including concert & gallery show reviews and interview pieces.


• The Heavyweights Brass Band
Baaba Maal (the only link here to my piece on another site - but I just couldn't leave him out)
Madagascar Slim
Thomas Mapfumo (my pic of him to the right)
Hugh Masekela
Oliver Mtukudzi
Nadine McNulty of Batuki Music
Tunde Olaniran
Uncle Jonny
Dave West & Waleed Abdulhamid


Laurence Lemieux
Christopher Cushman (one of his images of Ballet Creole's Soulful Messiah to the right)
Jasmyn Fyffe
Rex Harrington (not my interview, but I was there...)
Charmaine Headley
Jeff Melanson of the National Ballet School
Tiffany Mosher of the National Ballet
Kevin A. Ormsby


Hettie Vyrine Barnhill (pictured in Tony Award winning Fela! on Broadway, 2011 - on the right)
John Hastings
Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu
Heather Ruffo
Kwame Stephens
Jenny Young


Allen Altman
Tetchana Bellange
Wang Bing
Katie Boland (pictured here because her pictures get soooo many pageviews!)
Emily Hampshire
Sandy Jobin-Bevans
Athena Karkanis
Paul Laverty (and I won't even pretend that I don't like to blow my own horn... the New York Times online review of Even the Rain/Tambien la Lluvia has a link to this interview)
Liz Marshall (about her documentary Water on the Table, a portrait of Maude Barlow)
Dorothée Van Den Berghe & Matthias Schoenaerts
Andrucha Waddington

Fashion & Visual Arts

Christopher Cushman
Rafael Goldchain
Ed Ou
• Jane Seymour - the painter
Baby Steinberg (one of her designs pictured)
Hugh Wilson
Gathinja Yamokoski


Food, Travel & Connections: A Sourdough Story, An interview with scholar Arianna Sikorski
Brad Bathgate (pictured)