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Pop EP: Anya Mia - Looking for Heaven's Ghost (Independent / July 4, 2020)

Pop EP:
Anya Mia - Looking for Heaven's Ghost
(Independent / July 4, 2020)
Anya Mia is me - my performing name, and my name as a recording artist. My debut EP as a singer and songwriter is an eclectic mix of everything from a piano ballad to retro rock to reggae-ish. I studied the flute and played guitar as a teenager. I wrote my own songs (two of which appear on this EP - Never Coming Home and the title track, Looking for Heaven's Ghost). Then I married a musician...and dropped my own music for decades.It's a pretty familiar story.Light of Day - a video I created myself:But, I'd say the music has been all the sweeter for taking it up again later in life. I've gotten together with some terrific local musicians to put it together.Play it on the Spotify player below, or stream/buy it from your favourite service at this link.

Blues/Rock: The Cole Patenaude Band - Are You Happy Now? (Independent / 24 July 2020)

The Cole Patenaude Band - Are You Happy Now?
(Independent / 24 July 2020) Buy the CD Big vocals and infectious grooves make up this release from The Cole Patenaude Band. It's modern blues with a classic sensibility, anchored by solid musicianship and upbeat songwriting. 
Keyboard player Dean Thiessen and Patenaude on guitar trade off solos and melodic lines to keep it interesting through a range of bluesy style, incorporating rock and country, with a pop song sheen on songs like For the Money. Would You Be Mine is more Elvis-esque rockabilly, while How To Love is an acoustic song with folky storytelling lyrics and feel. 
Compromise is a standout track, with a snarly guitar line and a churchy organ swelling underneath a nice bluesy beat. Horns aren't credited in the notes, but I swear I heard some on this and a couple of the other tracks. 
As a husband, father, and full-time mechanic based in Langley, British Columbia, finding the time to make his music was a challenge…

Indie Rock: Sonic Fuel - I Will Rise (Independent / 15 June 2020)

Indie Rock:
Sonic Fuel - I Will Rise
(Independent / 15 June 2020) "I Will Rise" is an upbeat rock-pop anthem to perseverance. The melodic rock song is the first single from the band. Sonic Fuel is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter David Hales. 
"When someone you love decides to end their life abruptly and leave you behind, it is nothing short of devastating. 'I Will Rise' is an expression of determination; a cry out to the world that the darkness someone left you writhing in will soon be a thing of the past," he said in a media release. 
The band is tight and anchor the track with a driving energy. When it comes to vocals, David Hales voice track is given the usual studio rock star treatment or harmony and reverb on the ubiquitous chorus. I was more intrigued by sections where his expressive natural voice came through the mix. 
More to come soon from this newly minted Knoxville, Tennessee-based group, including a full-length album. 
Personnel: Da…

Music Organizations Across Southern Ontario Celebrate Successful Virtual Concert Partnership

From a media release:Music Organizations Across Southern Ontario
Celebrate Successful Virtual Concert PartnershipWorld-renowned Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki performs a virtually broadcasted program of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Chopin followed by a live on-stage interview from The Royal Conservatory’s Koerner HallProduced in association with Ottawa Chamberfest, Thousand Islands Playhouse, Festival of the Sound, and Stratford Summer Music, Toronto’s Koerner Hall hosted Canadian world-renowned pianist Jan Lisiecki in concert and conversation through a virtually broadcasted performance on Tuesday, July 28. The private event successfully welcomed more than 2,000 viewers online and was presented in place of five concerts that were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.The evening’s program featured works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Chopin. Following the broadcasted performance, Jan Lisiecki was joined by Executive Director of Performing Arts at The Royal Conservatory, Mervon Mehta, for …

Habari Africa Festival Online Free August 7 to 16 2020

From a media release:
Batuki Music Society Presents
Habari Africa Festival Online
Free August 7 to 16 2020Listen On The YouTube Channel Batuki Music Society is proud to present the seventh edition of the Habari Africa Festival with online concert presentations that celebrate the uniqueness, wealth and diversity of African music featuring a stellar line-up of national and international artists. 
Join us online and subscribe to the Batuki Music YouTube Channel to watch the Habari Africa Virtual Festival daily performances at 8 PM from August 7 – 16th, 2020. 
Performing artists include:Alpha Yaya Diallo is a multiple award-winning guitarist and singer from Conakry, Guinea. His dexterous guitar style, with its fluid melodic lines and compelling grooves, places him in the front ranks of African axe-men. 
Blandine is a talented singer/songwriter from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her music encompasses traditional Congolese rumba, soukous, mutuashi, jazz, Afropop and Afrobeat. 
As much as Mighty…

A 10-Year World-ly Musical Video Archive

A 10-Year World-ly Musical Video Archive
World music is a stupid term, even if we're forced to use it for SEO purposes. (Which I just did, haha).
It was in vogue, however, when I began writing and blogging about music from all over the globe about a decade ago. In rearranging my social media accounts recently, it occurred to me - somehow, for the very first time - that I had a huge treasure trove of concert video clips from that period. 
For reasons largely to do with work, and of course nowadays the whole global pandemic thing, I don't get out to concerts and festivals as much as I used to, and while I don't miss the expense, and couldn't possibly take the same amount of time anymore, I certainly wouldn't change any of the memories. 
Most of the 80 videos were taken in conjunction with stories that might appear on this blog, or other outlets over the years, some of which no longer exist. This is the first time I've put them all together in a playlist.
NOTE: The sou…