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Indie Film: Wakaliwood's CRAZY WORLD - See It Free For One Week Starting May 29 2020

From a media release: Wakaliwood's CRAZY WORLD Premieres Friday, May 29, 2020 at 2pm (EST) Available for One Week for FREE! C razy World, by Uganda's renowned zero budget filmmaker Nabwana IGG, is back. After a sold-out world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2019, it's back for free viewing as part of YouTube's online film festival. Here's a message from Wakaliwood. S upa Fans! Our new child Kung Fu action film CRAZY WORLD will have its International Premiere as part of YouTube's We Are One: A Global Film Festival alongside Bong Joon Ho, Francis Ford Coppola, Guillermo del Toro, Jane Campion and Jackie Chan! You can see the international premiere HERE . T he film has been screened only once before, the World Premiere at TIFF 2019. This special version features an introduction from Uganda with your fave filmmaker Nabwana IGG and a Special Scene produced under lockdown with Supa Fans around the World. We chose t

LAMC2020: Latin Alternative Music Conference June 9-13 2020 Online

From a media release: LAMC2020 Panel Topics Livestream Partner Announced The Latin Alternative Music Conference is going digital in 2020 for obvious reasons. This year, you can stay on top of industry trends from the comfort of your own home. • When is LAMC2020? June 9-13th, 2020 • How much does it cost to register? $0 = Free = Gratis = Cero dinero! • Where do I register for LAMC2020? • Where do I tune in to watch?   Our LAMC livestream partner is Twitch.  Panel discussions at the LAMC are a key part of the conference as they provide a forum for discussion on a wide-range of topics that help create important conversation about the current state and future of the industry. Check out this year's panel topics below and stay tuned for future announcements of our panellist lineup and conference schedule. This year we are asking you to send your panel questions in advance.  Email your questions to info@lat

I Am Samuel - World Premiere 2020 Hot Docs Online Festival May 28-June 7 2020

From a media release: Documentary Film: I Am Samuel - World Premiere 2020 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Online Festival World Showcase Section Screening from May 28 through June 7, 2020 • Check out the Hot Docs Festival Online Filmed in a vérité style over five years, I am Samuel is an intimate portrait of a Kenyan man torn between balancing duty to his family with his dreams for his future. U.S. Premiere to follow at 2020 Human Rights Watch Film Festival New York Hot Docs Festival Online starts May 28! Ontario audiences will be able to watch doc premieres, enjoy pre-recorded filmmaker Q&As, and partake in virtual live events—all on . Starting May 21, ticket package holders, premium pass holders and Doc Soup subscribers can book their films, and Hot Docs Members can purchase single tickets. Single tickets will be on sale to the public starting May 26. Tickets: $9 per film ($8 for Hot Docs Members) Synopsis Samuel grew up in the Kenyan

Jazz Release: Bartosz Hadala Group - Three Short Stories (Independent / 2020)

Jazz Release: Bartosz Hadala Group - Three Short Stories (Independent / 2020) • Buy the CD Each track is a new adventure on this album of new jazz from Toronto's Bartosz Hadala Group. Hadala wrote all the compositions on the album, and he makes good use of jazz idioms from a broad swath of eras from classic swing to avant-garde and even flashes of atonality, without losing the thread or leaving listeners behind in a self-indulgent exploration. The first track, Prologue: Slow to Anger, is expressive and moody, a fitting introduction to this series of short stories. In True North X, Hadala swings into a contemporary jazz mode, full of changes in direction and tempo. He's assembled an impressive group of musicians who can take the spotlight with their virtuosity but play beautifully off each other as well. As a pianist/keyboard player, he's inventive and melodic, with a solid rhythm section in drummer Marito Marques and bassist Brad Cheeseman. Guitarist Eric St-Laur

Mediterranean Jazz: Erodoto Project - Mythos: Metamorphosis (Cultural Bridge / May 1, 2020)

Jazz release: Erodoto Project - Mythos: Metamorphosis (Cultural Bridge / May 1, 2020) • Buy/Download from your favourite service • Stay in touch Cool grooves meet hot chops in this latest release from Italy's Erodata Project. Despite the emphasis on themes and stories from classical Roman mythology and literature, listeners can expect a thoroughly modern approach to jazz - one that blends various elements into the music as needed. The Mirò String Trio (Fabiola Gaudio, violin; Lorenzo Rundo, viola; Marco Simonacci, violoncello) adds a moody orchestral touch to Bob Salmieri and his jazz quintet, featuring Salmieri on tenor and soprano sax, ney (a Persian flute) and  ney, sax tenore e soprano, friscalettu (a wooden flute), Alessandro de Angelis on keyboards, Maurizio Perrone on contrabass, Giampaolo Scatozza on drums and Carlo Colombo on percussion. The rhythm section creates the basis for their signature sound, with shimmering cymbals and a nicely delicate sense of rhythm

Kate Amrine: This Is My Letter to the World (Innova Recordings - January 24, 2020)

Kate Amrine This Is My Letter to the World (Innova Recordings - January 24, 2020) • Buy/Download the CD Kate Amrine's trumpet moans, pulses, and soars in rich tones and melody in this very interesting release of new music. Her trumpet is the thread that leads us through the noise and cacophony of Gemma Peacocke's Skin, the first track on the album. It plays against the electronic sounds and Roberta Michel's alto flute beautifully. Amrine composed What We Are Doing To Ourselves, a compelling track that incorporates string playing/noise, voice/spoken word, and flute - elements that at times sound as if they were all arguing with each other in a whirl of music. The words talk about the environment and our relationship to it, the music swirling in and around the libretto. In Kevin Joest's Thoughts and Prayers, the trumpet and other instruments play off snippets of spoken word - speeches from Obama and others, and arguing voices, all talking about incidents of g

Heare Ensemble: VOX (Innova Recordings - January 24, 2020)

Heare Ensemble: VOX (Innova Recordings - January 24, 2020) • Buy/Download the CD The Heare Ensemble is Jennie Oh Brown on flutes, Jennifer Blyth on piano, and Kurt Fowler on cello, and this is their debut recording - a surprise given the effortless sounding musicianship. The recording commemorates the 90th birthday of American composer George Crumb . The first piece on the album is Crumb's Vox Balaenae - Voice of the Whale (1971). Written for "three masked players (electric flute, electric cello, and electric piano,) it  begins with the lovely and atmospheric Vocalise, a combination of voice and flute (and voice forced through flute) that sets the tone for the ominously rumbling piano that follows - like approaching thunder. The piece is evocative and flows through mood changes from majestic to playful to foreboding. Crumb was responding to recordings of whale sounds he'd heard, and the piece is considered revolutionary. In addition to whale sounds, he alludes t