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Call for Submissions: Interactive Haiku - NFB and ARTE commission 12 one-minute works (Deadline August 19 2014)

From a media release: NFB and ARTE commission 12 one-minute works Call for Submissions Got an idea for an innovative short interactive project? • The call for projects is open until August 19, 2014, at noon (Eastern Standard Time).  • Winners will be announced this fall • Applicants can register online at Toronto – The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and ARTE are issuing an international call for submissions for short online interactive experiences, in a new collaboration called Interactive Haiku. Memes, Vines and Buzzfeed are all formatted for the digital age, where users tend to consume things quickly. Yet brief experiences aren’t synonymous with an absence of quality or depth: the short format of haiku poetry offers a perfect example. Interactive Haiku aims to bring the brevity and richness of the haiku to the online realm, through projects that explore the possibilities of the short interactive format. To help guide applicants, organizers have off

EP Release: The Soles - Anonodos Kathodos (May 20, 2014)

From a media release: The Soles - Anonodos Kathodos EP (May 20, 2014) Written by The Soles Produced by Marc Merilainen Din Yalonen - Vocals, lyrics; Adam Gomori - Guitar; Marc Merilainen - Bass, guitar, beats • Buy the EP 'I’ve long bemoaned that few current bands say anything about surrounding sociopolitical issues. Broken Ghost makes old punks say "yea!” plus Ghost is a catchy ditty with a hooky chorus. Bravo!' THE BIG TAKEOVER, USA ‘The Soles are a little bit of everything, The Ep (Broken Ghost) is a pleasant listen as lead singer Din has a pretty distinctive voice.’ LA BEAT, ALBERTA ‘Since forming in 2001, Toronto-based trio The Soles has been earning praise from fans, critics, and fellow musicians.’ ALAN CROSS’ EXPLOREMUSIC.COM (TORONTO) With hundreds of live shows under their belt, from Seattle to Ottawa, The Soles are steadily making a name for themselves. They just released a new CD - Anonodos Kathodos (May 20, 2014) - and the lead single, Rebel Force Radio. In 2

Porch View Dances Returns to Toronto's Seaton Village July 16 -20 2014

From a media release: Kaeja d'Dance Announces Choreographers for PORCH VIEW DANCES JULY 16-20, 2014 Seaton Village - Toronto • Performances run Wed-Sat at 7pm, Sun at 4pm • Audiences will be led to four different dwellings (starting location 92 London St), culminating in a celebratory Flock Landing finale in Vermont Square Park. • PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN Toronto, June 26, 2014 - Kaeja d'Dance is pleased to announce the choreographers for the return of the award-winning Porch View Dances (PVD) dance project, conceived by Karen Kaeja and developed with Allen Kaeja. Peter Chin, Lauren Cook, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja, Louis Laberge-Côté and Brandy Leary are all creating works for Porch View Dances which runs July 16-20 in Seaton Village in downtown Toronto. An artistic and community initiative that shares the stories of everyday families' lives through dance on the porches and in the gardens of their own homes, Porch View Dance's inaugural 2012 presentation was named Best Site Spe

Summer Organ Concert Series July 1 to August 5 2014 at the Riverside Church New York City

From a media release: THE RIVERSIDE CHURCH HOSTS ACCOMPLISHED GROUP OF ORGANISTS FOR ITS ANNUAL SUMMER ORGAN SERIES every Tuesday, July 1 to August 5, 2014 from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in the Church’s majestic Nave, 91 Claremont Ave. (bet. 120th & 122nd Sts.), Morningside Heights • July 1, 2014 • Check the Calendar for other dates Concert Series Highlight to Include Live Organ Improvisation Accompaniment to 1926 Silent Film Comedy Classic, The General NEW YORK CITY - Spotlighting one of the largest and most acclaimed organs in the world and continuing a decades old tradition of summer concerts featuring outstanding organists, The Riverside Church is presenting its Annual Summer Organ Series—featuring six concerts throughout the summer—every Tuesday, July 1 to August 5 from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in the Church’s majestic Nave, 91 Claremont Ave. (bet. 120th & 122nd Sts.), Morningside Heights. Pulling out all the stops, the concert series will feature performances by talent

Afrofest July 5 & 6 2014 in Toronto

From a media release: Afrofest July 5 & 6, 2014 Woodbine Park - Toronto This is what you have been waiting for. This is the list of all artist who are going to be performing during this year's Afrofest at Woodbine Park on July 5 and 6. Petit Pays – Cameroon Petit-Pays born Adolphe Claude Moundi in Douala, Cameroon in 1967 is a Cameroonian  musician. He had sold over 50,000 cassettes by 1966. He is also known as OMEGA, Rabba  Rabbi, Turbo and famously Avocat defenseur des femmes (advocate for women). He is one of  the most celebrated Cameroonian musicians of the late 1980s and 1990s. His music has  evolved over the years adapting to contemporary African genres. He mixes native  Cameroonian makossa with soukous, zouk, and salsa, leading to the portmanteau label  of makozouk for some of his music. He launched his first album Haoussa in 1987, after  working with makossa producers. In Haoussa, he says his father is Haoussa and mother is  Douala. His band, known as Petit Pays

Jazz CD Release: JC Sanford's Views From the Inside (May 20, 2014) and the Jazz Orchestra Renaissance

From a media release: JC Sanford's Views From the Inside A landmark recording of the new jazz orchestra renaissance, marks the emergence of a brilliant bandleader and composer • Buy the CD One of the most exciting aspects of the current jazz scene is the resurgence of the jazz orchestra -- ensembles that make use of expanded size in order to explore bold instrumental sonorities, unexpected musical colors and arresting sonic textures while joyously mixing and matching musical genres. Critical buzz is all well and good in calling attention to these new big bands, but the solid proof of a vital musical renaissance must come in the form of compelling recorded works. Enter JC Sanford's Views >From the Inside (to be released May 20th on Whirlwind Recordings), an album bursting with ambition and invention that confirms that the promise of the new has actually come to fruition. Composer, arranger, conductor and trombonist, Sanford employs the resources of fifteen outstanding p

Eclectic New Music: The Awakening Orchestra - Volume I This Is Not The Answer (Innova Recordings May 27 2014)

From a media release: The Awakening Orchestra - Volume I This Is Not the Answer (Innova Recordings - May 27, 2014) What was the question? Composers: Kyle Saulnier, Samuel Barber, Johannes Brahms, Helen Deutsch / Bronislau Kaper, Howard Dietz / Arthur Schwartz, Alan Sparhawk / Low, Brian Wilson / Tony Asher, Thom Yorke / Radiohead Performers: Kyle Saulnier, The Awakening Orchestra • Sample & buy the CD here Based in the Bronx, New York and originally from Nova Scotia, Kyle Saulnier's original compositions cross genres and boundaries of time and space. Although it’s right there in the name, it’s not entirely clear whether composer/leader Kyle Saulnier’s Awakening Orchestra is in fact an orchestra, a big band or something entirely and wildly different. Encompassing broad swaths of musical style in both original and recontextualized and re-imagined compositions, the Awakening Orchestra delves deep into traditions from classical to jazz to indie rock on their debut album, v

CD Release: Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo (Electric Cowbell Records - June 24, 2014)

From a media release: Last Chants: How a Rock Drummer Became the First to Record the Sounds of Syria's Nearly Lost Spiritual Traditions Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo (Electric Cowbell Records - June 24, 2014) • Pre-order/buy it here It all began with a bad cell phone connection. Musician and all-around creative instigator Jason Hamacher was about to drive into a tunnel near the DC zoo, when a friend and fellow musician called and said he had to check out “Serbian chant” for a new project the two were involved with. Hamacher heard “Syrian chant.” Then he lost the call. “My mind ran in a thousand different directions in 45 seconds!” Hamacher recalls. That improbable inspiration launched a journey that took the hardcore drummer and photographer on a years-long quest to find and record some of the world’s oldest yet least known liturgical music, in a country that eventually devolved into civil war. Email shots-in-the-dark, ancient Christian

New Release: Dark Hard Chocolate a collection of erotica by Kwame Stephens

With material froma  media release: Dark Hard Chocolate a collection of erotica by Kwame Stephens • Buy the book here Toronto is the setting for this collection of short fiction erotica from Toronto-based, Ghanaian born author and playwright Kwame Stephens. The stories look at the black gay experience in Canada seen through the lens of an immigrant, from the teen kicked out of the house to a veteran of the activist days reliving memories down Yonge Street. The erotica is graphic and covers a smorgasbord of gay sex from the first mind blowing encounters to a Rascal Black Vibrating Ass toy and everything in between. Kwame's writing is straightforward and readable, unencumbered by excessive description or flowery detail. What he has is a nice sense of observation about this specific slice of the gay experience in Toronto and its night life, from the first flowering of sexual identity to the loneliness of older single men. HIV abuse, love, relationships and more are examined an

Jazz/Classical/World Music: CREATIVE MUSIC STUDIO Archive Selections, Vol. 1 (Innova Recordings - April 29, 2014)

With material from a media release: CREATIVE MUSIC STUDIO Archive Selections, Vol. 1 (Innova Recordings - April 29, 2014) • Sample & buy it here This three-CD set is a compilation of the work of the Creative Music Foundation, a group of like-minded musicians and composers based out of Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, New York. The three CDs include Small Ensembles, Orchestral Music and World Music and come from over 400 hours of music that form the archives of CMS. Alongside a core of founding artists, many of the world's most innovative musicians came to the studio as Guiding Artists. The history and details are below - the music is an eclectic collection of jazz/new music/world music with the kind of organic groove you'd expect from a bunch of musicians communing. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CREATIVE MUSIC STUDIO Most fans of jazz and improvised music from the 1970s and on know of the various musical collectives that formed in a number of cities. Groups like Chic

Dusk Dances Celebrates 20 Years August 4 to 10 2014 in Toronto

From a media release DUSK DANCES CELEBRATES 20 YEARS August 4 to 10, 2014 at Winthrow Park (Toronto) Dusk Dances, Toronto’s inescapable summer dance festival, is celebrating its 20th anniversary season. Dusk Dances Festival returns to Toronto’s Withrow Park from August 4-10, 2014 presenting six exciting dance pieces which are sure to exhilarate and fascinate audiences. Featuring the artistry of internationally acclaimed dancers and choreographers, the 2014 season will be as entertaining and innovating as any season we've ever presented. Hosted by the incomparable Dan Watson, this year's program features new and remounted works from Canadian artists with an immense breadth of experience: - Sylvie Bouchard - BoucharDanse (Toronto) with “La vie”.The terrains of our lives vary from rivers, to meadows, to mountains, but the pounding of our own heart is something we should always remember to trust. - Peter Chin - Tribal Crackling Wind (Toronto) with “Through the Mask”. A

New Single by Nadjiwan: Broken Treaty Blues (June 17, 2014)

From a media release: ‘Broken Treaty Blues’ – the new single by NADJIWAN June 17th, 2014 • Available as a free download The latest release by multiple award-nominated artist Marc Meriläinen a.k.a.NADJIWAN was written & recorded at Marc’s home studio in Toronto’s west end neighbourhood on Roncesvalles. Marc’s last release ‘Idle No More’ came out March 2013 and although he had been planning to record & release more material that year, it just never materialized due to Marc’s busy schedule. Over the past year Marc has worked on various projects including composition for theatre and film as well as producing 2 records. Additionally Marc has been working with musicians in his ‘hood’ producing and recording demos at his home studio. ‘Broken Treaty Blues’ was written and recorded in a day with Marc performing all of the instruments. “I needed to do this an exercise – I needed to keep ‘in shape’ musically”, indicates Marc. Keep an ear open fort the ‘B-side’ of this single co

Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) releases digital English edition of URYU June 13, 2014

From a media release: On architecture, photography & more: Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) releases digital English edition of URYU June 13, 2014 • Buy the magazine Kyoto, June 13, 2014: Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) released the digital English edition of its university magazine “URYU” worldwide on June 13, 2014. The English edition of “URYU” features translated articles of “URYU TSUSHIN,” the Japanese edition issued three times a year. This university magazine functions as active learning opportunities for university students who learn editorial skills, photography and editorial design under the guidance by its professor Keiichi Kadosaki, a renowned editor in Japan, and Mr. Yusuke Mimasu, a highly regarded young designer. The first English edition is the translation of two feature articles of “URYU TSUSHIN” Vol. 61 issued on April 3, 2014. The first article focuses on Professor Shigeru Ban, who will receive the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize, “the Nobel

Danish Design: Eyewear from Orgreen Optics

From a release: Danish Design: Eyewear from Orgreen Optics I was brought up on Danish contemporary furniture so I was interested when a notice showed up in my email last week from Orgreen Optics of Denmark about their SS ´14 collection. From Orgreen: All frames are made of titanium, a precious metal in a superb quality designed to last. Colours are exquisitely composed in an array of opposites, including industrial hues fused with high-brow tones. Designed and developed in Denmark, each frame is handcrafted in Japan, and strives to be timeless and seasonless, but not without history. Stylists: if you have any shoots coming up where sunglasses/glasses would be interesting for your styling. Please note that we deliver day to day with UPS.  Best from sunny Copenhagen :-) (and no, sadly, I didn't get a free pair... :( ) About Ørgreen Optics: Premium designer eyewear in high-end materials, known for its signature style and innovative colour combinations. Founded in Co

Junefest Recognizing & Celebrating Deaf-Blind Awareness Month June 18 2014 in Toronto

From a media release: JuneFest - an annual awareness festival recognizing and celebrating Deaf-Blind Awareness Month in Ontario.  Wednesday, June 18, 2014 12:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. Mel Lastman Square (Toronto) 5100 Yonge Street at North York Centre subway TORONTO - RCH and CHKC are proud to present the 12th annual JuneFest, an awareness festival that recognizes and celebrates June as Deaf-Blind Awareness Month in Ontario.  This year’s event is on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto. Starting at 12:00 p.m., there will be information booths hosted by various organizations and agencies to raise awareness about the dual disability of deaf-blindness, the latest technology and devices, and the services and resources that are available.  Many deaf-blind consumers will also be in attendance. The public, local business community and media are invited to attend JuneFest with friends, families and colleagues to learn about deaf-blindness while enjoying music, a charity ba

Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) 2014: Free Music, Annual Showcase & More July 8-12 in New York City

From a media release: The Line-Up For The Annual LAMC Showcase at The Gramercy Theatre On Friday July 11th 2014  Featuring AJ Davila, Esteman, A Band Of Bitches, The Wookies, Diana Fuentes and Los Macuanos • Check out the rest of the Latin Alternative Music Conference at the link NEW YORK CITY - This summer, thousands of entrepreneurs, musicians, DJs, journalists, marketers, managers, filmmakers, programmers and all kinds of music lovers will gather in New York City from July 8-12th for the 15th annual Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC). Today, La Banda Elastica announced the line-up for the annual LAMC showcase at the Gramercy Theatre, which will feature AJ Davila, Esteman, A Band Of Bitches, The Wookies, Diana Fuentes and Los Macuanos on Friday July 11th. See below for more detailed info on each artist. The LAMC also offers free concerts at parks from Brooklyn to Harlem, plus intimate private showcases at iconic venues around the city and numerous industry panels with

CD Release & Live Dates Summer 2014: Kuenta i Tambú Turn Curaçao Tradition into a Wild, Sweaty Dance Floor with Tambutronic, their US Debut

From a media release: Bumping History: Kuenta i Tambú Turn Curaçao Tradition into a Wild, Sweaty Dance Floor with Tambutronic, their US Debut Live in New York City: • June 27, 2014: Frontiers at the Seaport - "River to River Festival", South Street Seaport / New York, NY - Free Admission! - Doors Open: 4:00pm • August 2, 2014: Celebrate Brooklyn - Prospect Park, West & 9th Street / Brooklyn, NY - Free Admission! - Doors Open: 6:30pm, Show: 7:00pm • Buy the CD Tradition is a tricky beast. There are those who would leave it as a dusty, living museum exhibit. Then there are others who see further, into the possibility of tradition, a line that runs through history all the way to the present. They’re the ones who respect the past but aren’t going to be hidebound by it, who make it a very vital part of now. People like KiT, who’ve transformed the old tambú music of Curaçao into the 21st-century phenomenon of Tambutronic (Jiga Musica). Then meets now via hard kicks and h