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Classic California: Capitola Venetian Hotel

Classic California:
Capitola Venetian Hotel
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If you're looking for a classic California beach holiday, Capitola is out of the usual tourist melee, and offers a mile of sandy beach with a picturesque small town feel. While it may seem off the beaten path, it's only five miles to Santa Cruz and its famous beach boardwalk, and another hour or so through the mountains to San Jose. The beaches of Monterey Bay lie about 40 miles to the south along the coast.
Everything is within walking distance in Capitola, including shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more, all along the waterfront. Surfing is naturally a popular local sport, and beginners will find it a good place to learn.
Among the annual events that draw visitors and locals are the Begonia Festival, Art and Wine Festival, and the famous Wharf to Wharf race. Capitola offers the friendliness of a laidback small beach town with a sophisticated and artistic flair.

The Capitola Venetian
This historic property overlo…

Mixto Block Party - The True Flavour Of Toronto! Sunday July 7th 2019

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Mixto Block Party - The True Flavour Of Toronto!
Sunday July 7th, 2019, 2pm - 11pm
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On July 7th, 2019, the parking lot of Lynx music in Toronto’s central west-end will be transformed into a massive BLOCK PARTY!

Imagined and produced by a collective of local artists and presenters who have joined together to host a festival that brings old school flavour to a new school location! The day-into-night event highlights Toronto's “mixed” nature through regional and international programming that spans across the festival, from the musical talent to the food vendors.

WHAT:An afternoon and night of music, food, dancing, children's activities, art, performances, installations, and community vibes.

WHERE: The parking lot at Lynx Music, 260 Emerson Avenue, Toronto

WHEN:Sunday July 7th, 2019, 2-11pm, event is rain or shine!

Chocosol - Bean-to-bar dark chocolate and beverages
Alijandro’s - Mexican Middle Eastern fusion food t…

Travel Tips: Can We End Carry On Chaos?

Travel Tips: Can We End Carry On Chaos?
I am blessed with strong relationships, with good people who all live far away from me. It means I've become an expert on flying and traveling cheap, which in turn means I've experienced the decline of air travel over the last decade or so. But, you don't have to fly economy these days to become embroiled in the chaos of carry on luggage.

Carry On Luggage
Fees for carry on bags came from the fallout of the 2008 recession, and the resulting jump in fuel prices. As anyone who has traveled has experienced, however, the fees have had a perhaps unintended effect as people over-stuff and over burden themselves with their two bag carry on limit in order to avoid checking bags at all. There are problems from the start.
They don't police their own policy - the standard rule was supposed to be: one bag for the overhead locker, and one for the under seat area. But, no one seems to put anything under the seat unless they're forced to, and…

Latin Jazz: Wayne Wallace - The Rhythm of Invention (Patois Records on June 7, 2019)

From a media release:

Latin Jazz:
Wayne Wallace - The Rhythm of Invention
(Patois Records on June 7, 2019)
Wayne Wallace blends chamber orchestra, jazz horns, spoken word, and his acclaimed Latin Jazz Quintet on The Rhythm of Invention
Trombonist and Afro-Caribbean scholar upends tradition to honor jazz greats and mentors

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On his previous album, the critically adored Canto América, Wayne Wallace broke with his own tradition to co-lead a chamber orchestra featuring horns, winds, a double string quartet, and an array of vocalists. On The Rhythm of Invention - slated for release by Patois Records on June 7, 2019 - Wallace set an equally ambitious goal: to combine these added resources with his Latin Jazz Quintet, whose albums have garnered three of Wallace's four previous GRAMMY nominations.

"I wanted to come up with a way of coherently mixing the quintet with the brass and strings from Canto," explains the esteemed trombonist, innovative …

Lea Love Drops New EP - The Way I Am (Mensch House Records / June 14, 2019)

From a media release:

Lea Love Drops New EP - The Way I Am
(Mensch House Records / June 14, 2019) 
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Soulful R&B/reggae singer Lea Love has just released her new EP “Way I Am,” on Friday, June 14th via Mensch House Records! Combining full bass lines, sensual lyrics, and warm harmonies, Lea creates an environment of hypnotic and sweet sonic bliss for listeners to enjoy. The empowering title track off the EP, “Way I Am,” dropped on Friday, May 10th and radiates self acceptance and self love. Other standout singles from the EP include the playful tune “No Feels,” and the sultry track “Set The Mood” Feat. Jemere Morgan.

Born and raised in Oceanside, CA, singer-songwriter Lea Love’s multi-layered artistry draws from her rich Hawaiian, Japanese, and Samoan heritage. She began writing at the age of 10, often drawing inspiration from many types of musical genres. This diversity is evident in her songs, which ranges from R&B/soul to island reggae to pop. Her other re…

UK's celebrated jazz group EMPIRICAL on their first ever North American Tour Summer 2019

From a media release:

UK's celebrated jazz group
is embarking on their first ever North American Tour
Summer 2019
Check out their catalogue on Cuneiform Records

One of the UK's hottest young jazz bands is on tour in North America as we speak. Formed in 2007, Empirical have quickly established themselves as one of the UK's most explorative and exciting groups in modern jazz.
This dynamic London-based collective takes influence from a variety of  styles, but has managed to craft their own distinct sound built on improvisation, collaboration and shared music vision, earning them critical acclaim. Their innovative approach to music and the unique ways in which they engage their audience, has helped them attract new listeners.

In 2016, the band organized a week-long "Pop-up Jazz Lounge" at Old Street Underground Station in London, showcasing the group's ability to push the aesthetic and conceptual boundaries of jazz in a way that appeals to both new listen…

Alabama Artists at the Birmingham Museum of Art

Alabama Artists
at the Birmingham Museum of Art
On my second visit to the Birmingham Museum of Art, I decided to focus on local artists - those who were native to Birmingham and Alabama. Now, my list isn't exhaustive by any means, but does illustrate the breadth of style and talent of the artistic community.
Born in Birmingham in 1955, Kerry James Marshallgrew up in South Central Los Angeles, and now makes his home in Chicago. He is a graduate of the Otis College of Art and Design, and taught at the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois in Chicago. His work in painting, sculpture, collage, video, and photography examines Black subjects, race, and history.
Abiola Sholanke is a Nigerian-American artist born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1978. Her headwraps are based on traditional West African designs.
Sculptor Joe Minter was born in Birmingham in 1943, and still makes his home and career there. His found object sculptures are inspired by his father's life - a man wh…

Blyth Theatre Festival Jumbo opening 45th season June 12 to August 10, 2019

From a media release:

Blyth Theatre Festival
Jumbo opening of Festival’s 45th season
June 12 to August 10, 2019
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BLYTH, ON – The world premiere of one of the biggest stories in the history of South Western Ontario, the story of Jumbo the elephant’s fateful final performance, opens the Blyth Festival’s 45th Season.

In Jumbo, playwright Sean Dixon, who brought Blyth Festival audiences plays steeped in local lore like The Wilberforce Hotel, Lost Heir, and The Outdoor Donnellys, now focuses on the legendary story that September night in 1885, when P.T. Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth stopped in St. Thomas, Ontario. When the circus cars were packed up, an unscheduled freight train travelling unbrakeably fast through the railyard ended the career and the life of the biggest superstar in the world...but not before he gave his final spellbinding performance.

The play bursts on the stage with live circus acts, acrobats, a massive puppet, original music and a vibrant set reminiscent of…