Art Glass: Glasstress Boca Raton 2021 - Until September 5 2021

A Life In Theatre: All the Rage (A Partial Memoir in Two Acts and a Prologue) by Brad Fraser

Nu Classic Rock: Elford, Davies and Baldini - The Real Story (Independent - 10 March 2021)

Travel Japan: The Artful Craft of Japanese Pottery

Singer Songwriter: F-105 II: Side B (Meriläinen Müsic Inc. - March 23, 2021)

New Federal Theatre Presents: Ma Rose - Free Online March 20-22 2021

Americana: New Single By Nancy Wenstrom - Vintage Tears (WCM Records / 12 February 2021)

New Jazz CD: Bob Salmieri Bastarduna Quintet ...and Mama was a belly dancer (Cultural Bridge - March 7, 2021)

Street Food Hong Kong: Curry Fishballs

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra New Album SKA=ALMIGHTY

Indie Music: Lyndol Descant - Let It All Krumble (Independent / 18 August 2020)