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Upcoming release: Andrew Goldring - Morning Light (Independent, July 1 2017)

Upcoming release: Andrew Goldring - Morning Light (Independent, July 1, 2017) • Buy the CD Andrew Goldring offers a memorable entry into the psychadelic Americana/singer-songwriter canon with Morning Light, his upcoming EP. It's the Salt Lake City, UT native's first release as a solo artist, after spending the last 5 years or so fronting two different bands. Morning Light is self produced, and mixed/mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Feist, Andy Shauf, Bahamas). The result is a lush sound with a layered texture. Goldring has a well defined sound that takes over your brain waves. Cosmic Dance, appropriately enough, is languid and trippy, a layered synth-pop sound with an anthemic melody. The vocals are whispery against the ebb and flow of the music. Maybe God just speaks in images Reflections painted on our eyes... As a writer and composer, Andrew offers well crafted songs and thoughtful lyrics. He ponders universal questions with a fresh perspective, including the wel

Nashaat Salman - Unforgettable (single EP) & New Video

Recently released: Universal Melodies (Music Project) Nashaat Salman - Unforgettable (single EP) EP Release date February 10th 2017 Video Clip Release date May 7th 2017 • Buy the EP/Single Based in Meilen-Zurich, Switzerland, Nashaat Salman ia an engineer and business manager by day, musician and composer on the side. He's nonetheless produced a steady stream of material as a composer over the last two decades or so, including music for film, TV, and other multimedia projects.He launched his Universal Melodies project in 2015 with the release of the first (Vol.1) EP. This EP single is the follow up. Unforgettable od Middle Eastern/gypsy harmonies wrapped up in an orchestral arrangement that relies on a sparkling grand piano as its base. He offers four versions of the song, two instrumental and two vocal. Lakita Bagwell contributes the vocal track. Her accomplished delivery adds a richly expressive phrasing to the texture of the song, nicely complemented by the horn tracks

Art Gallery of Ontario acquires 522 photographs by Diane Arbus

From a media release: 522 photographs by Diane Arbus acquired by the Art Gallery of Ontario Transformative acquisition makes the AGO the largest museum collector of Arbus in Canada, and one of the largest in the world  I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them. (Diane Arbus) Toronto, Canada—June 23, 2017— The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) announced today that it has acquired a collection of 522 prints of photographs by American photographer Diane Arbus (1923–1971). Selected by the AGO and purchased through the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, the collection spans the breadth of Arbus’s career, and includes a number of rarely seen or published images from early in her career, as well as many prints from her late career that made her one of the most widely recognized names in 20th century art. Made possible with funds from AGO supporters Phil Lind, Sandra Simpson, Jay Smith, Jozef Straus, and Robin and David Young, the acquisition vaults t

Once Around Saturn: These Promises (Independent - June 29 2017)

Once Around Saturn These Promises (Independent - June 29th 2017) • Pre-order/Stream/Download the CD Once Around Saturn is the stage name of Sydney, Australia based synth pop solo artist Dan Kelso. He's been around 2014, releasing a string of of singles in. "These Promises", his latest release, is an EP that collects four of his songs. Along with Kelso, the release features  Glenn Whitehall and Amanda Easton on lead and back-up vocals. It was an engineer in the Sydney studio where he was recording who connected him with singer Amanda Easton, who adds a lot to the Once Around Saturn sound. Her vocals are timeless in style, and would be equally at home in a pre-WWII cocktail lounge. Kelso's upbeat songwriting lets her lovely pure tone take over the high end of songs like Fortress of Love , the lead single. "Synth-pop" covers a lot of territory. Here, Kelso uses the electronics to create layers of texture and melodic interest, using a range of sou

It's Just Craig - Dark Corners (Independent - June 30, 2017)

It's Just Craig - Dark Corners (Independent - June 30, 2017) • Buy the CD Enjoyably inventive within a traditional genre, Dark Corners is the second release for the ensemble It's Just Craig, the brainchild of Craig Helmreich. The Intro sets the tone with a fuzzy antique piano line and leads into Go, the next track. The song builds on a minimalist acoustic opening, shuffling in a languid pace to a lush arrangement that includes keyboards and jangling guitar. Americana, Goth Country, or whatever label you want to put on the genre, is all about drawing the emotional heart out of the everyday, both when it comes to words and music. It's Just Craig takes the premise and adds a modern sense of production. Craig et al specialize in catchy hooks and songs that are more complex than they first sound, with a soft rather than strident approach to vocals. There are jazzy riffs in songs like Captain and Siren Sings, with a lot of rhythmic variation throughout all the tracks. Go

Win a Trip to Africa via Ethiopian Airlines to Celebrate Canada150

From a media release: Ethiopian Airlines Canada asks Canadians to share their video story to celebrate Canada150, for their chance to win a package trip to Africa! June 8, 2017, Toronto, Ontario- Ethiopian Airlines Canada wants to hear from Canadians by video submissions, asking them, "Why they love Canada so much" and then posting it on the airlines' social media Facebook page . • The most creative and engaging video will win a trip to Africa! A 10-day vacation package from Toronto to Victora Falls, Zambia and then to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia . The contest winner will experience breathtaking adventures as part of the itinerary and Ethiopian Airlines Cloud9 Business Class. "This is a very exciting year for Canada and Ethiopian Airlines Canada, we are both celebrating big milestones, " said Birhan Abate, Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager. "Canada is a multicultural country which unites many different cultures. We wanted to create a fun inter

Akropolis Reed Quintet: The Space Between (Innova Recordings, March 24, 2017)

With material from a release: Akropolis Reed Quintet: The Space Between (Innova Recordings, March 24, 2017) • Buy the CD Does it sound disrespectful to say a new music release can be a highly entertaining listen? I hope not, because I was entertained, cajoled, intrigued, and transported in probably equal measures by The Space Between, the new release from the Akropolis Quintet. I loved their playful take on the iconic themes of classical European music. In the first track, jesus is coming, you hear a sampled child's voice over a strongly rhythmic pulse of wind instruments, with other spoken voices and snippets of dialog, shouting, children crying...It sounds like a dog's breakfast but turns out to be a seamless fabric of sound that cries out for a modern dance interpretation. Refraction ties dissonant harmonics and a fluid sense of melody together with a hypnotic rhythm. It's a highly evocative piece in several sections. At the base of it all is a superb sense of

Rose Hall Estate - Jamaica's Haunted Mansion

Rose Hall Estate Jamaica's Haunted Mansion Today, the property is a luxury resort  with two award-winning golf courses and oceanviews not far from Montego Bay, Jamaica. But long with the modern resort facilities, there is  Rose Hall Estate , a whitewashed mansion with a darker history that is one of its present day attractions - hauntings. Rose Hall Estate Many of the so-called Great Houses - the homes of colonialists - in Jamaica were burned to the ground during the slave rebellions of 1831 to 1838. Rose Hall Estate, somehow, escaped with less damage than most others. Many claim that it is because the mansion was haunted, even before the rebellions came along. Annie Palmer - The White Witch According to local legend, the house is haunted by the spirit of one Annie Palmer, also known as the White Witch. The story of Annie's ghost has been growing since her death in the 1830s. She's been the subject of a dozen or more novels, including The White Witch of Rose

Society for New Music: Various Composers - Music Here & Now (Innova Recordings, Apr 28, 2017)

With material from a release: Society for New Music Various Composers - Music Here & Now (Innova Recordings, Apr 28, 2017) • Buy the CD The two-disc set commissioned by the Society For New Music offers a variety of moods and approaches to new music composition through the work of several composers. Rob Deemer's Cantos is full of drama, propelled by a kinetic sense of rhythm that whirls around, building momentum. It's a striking piece that carries you through to a cathartic end. Jacaras, a piece for piano, violin, and cello by Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, changes the mood to a more emotional, distraught sensibility. A melancholy oboe/clarinet opens Jorge Villevicencio Grossmann's Whistling Vessels, an intriguing journey in sound with several sections. Libations, a composition by 'Doctuh' Mike Woods, takes a driving jazz bass line and adds an avant garde sense of harmonics. The result sparkles with a fresh sense of both genres. Music Here & Now brings t

New Music: Juri Seo: Mostly Piano (Innova Recordings, Apr 28, 2017)

With material from a release: Juri Seo: Mostly Piano (Innova Recordings, Apr 28, 2017) • Buy the CD As promised, Juri Seo's new release focuses on her beautifully liquid piano compositions...mostly. She plays it on the first track, a jazzy piece entitled #three, with percussion and bass. It was inspired by noted jazz trio The Bad Plus, merged with elements of late Romanticism. It's Beethoven meets jazz. “Three Mini Etudes in C”, played by Thomas Rosendranz, begins with the familiar arpeggios of piano studies, then veers into semi-chaotic, agitated territory, covering a gamut of emotions and approaches. Her Piano Sonata No. 1, appropriately titled “La Hammerklavier” (or Hammer Piano) is percussive, speeding up and slowly down in a dizzying whirlwind. Pianist Steven Beck brings it to life with an assured sense of its style. The piece takes its cue from Beethoven’s Op. 106. and pianist Steven Beck navigates the piece’s extreme registers of expression deftly. “Étud

2017: Millennials and Travel

2017: Millennials and Travel Millennials are a unique group in so many ways, it should come as no surprise that their travel habits and preferences are different than their predecessors too. Mass Media Based on research by Topdeck Travel , 35 percent of Canadian millennials say they have made a decision on where to travel based on a movie they saw. That figure is backed up by similar studies in the U.S . More interesting details about Canadian millennials: • 21% decided on their travel destination because of a food trend that went viral on Instagram or other social media, like cronuts, the doughnut/croissant cross made famous by Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, or rainbow bagels from The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. • 10% said their trip destination was inspired by a favourite celebrity. Romance Canadian Millennials love to travel, that's the easy part. The rest is often surprising. • 32% of Canadian millennials said they would cut down or even giv

New Music: Ross Feller - X/Winds (Innova Recordings, Feb 17, 2017)

With material from a release: Ross Feller - X/Winds (Innova Recordings, Feb 17, 2017) • Buy the CD In the liner notes, composer Ross Feller talks about "thorny, angular gestures" that pervade his music, and that's a good description of its energy. It's kinetic, agitated, an emotional roller coaster ride, tempered by a grand sense of style - a kind of refined chaos. Feller lets the contradictions in these elements animate the music, their clashes generating the energy of the pieces. Throughout, there is an emphasis on a deep-seated sense of resonance, and tactile and physical attributes of sound as they are experienced. This is muscular Modernism at its most immediate and urgent, in the grand tradition of Charles Ives and Henry Brant. In “Triple Threat,” labyrinthine patterns are mapped onto various musical parameters, then disrupted by Gilles Deleuze’s and Felix Guattari’s three fractured lines: break, crack, and rupture. In places, parts are obscured throu

Skateboarders vs. Minimalism: Rodney Mullen at the Drake Hotel Toronto June 23-24 2017

From a media release: SKATEBOARDERS VS. MINIMALISM JUN 23 2017 RODNEY MULLEN X SHAUN GLADWELL @ THE DRAKE HOTEL JUN 24 2017 SKATEBOARDERS VS. MINIMALISM BLOCK PARTY @ DRAKE COMMISSARY • Tickets for Rodney Mullen • RSVP Block Party TORONTO - Don’t miss street skating legend, Rodney Mullen, in an intimate conversation with artist Shaun Gladwell as they discuss how skateboarding led to a fascination with contemporary art. Monkey Shoulder will be on hand with custom cocktails and a lucky few will have the chance to meet Mullen. Then, coast to Drake Commissary to see a live demo of Gladwell's video work, Skateboarders vs. Minimalism with skaters creatively misusing replicas of minimalist sculpture followed by a full-on block party of DJs, food trucks + Monkey Shoulder mixes. Find the party in the parking lot with neighbour Henderson Brewing. Check out Rodney Mullen: