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Dancer Luke Garwood Talks Dance, Augmented Reality, and ELVIS & THE MAN IN BLACK May 2-12 2018

Dancer Luke Garwood Talks Dance, Augmented Reality,
and the upcoming show,
ELVIS & THE MAN IN BLACK Choreography by Laurence Lemieux & James Kudelka
May 2-5 & 9-12, 2018 at 8pm
Presented by Citadel + Cie through Bright Lights (Toronto)
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"It's a contemporary dance take on popular music." Toronto dancer Luke Garwood's talking about his upcoming appearance in Citadel + Compagnie's remount of Elvis and The Man In Black in May. The works inspired by the icons of American music were sold out in their 2014 and 2015 runs.
All images by John Lauener, courtesy of Citadel + Cie, featuring dancers Michael Caldwell, Zhenya Cerneacov, Luke Garwood, Tyler Gledhill, Daniel McArthur, Andrew McCormack, Connor Mitton, Erin Poole, Christianne Ullmark. 

Both works take a look at pop culture icons in perhaps surprising ways. Looking For Elvis focuses on the young singer and uses interviews and casual moments of speech to reveal a different side to the …

TRAVEL: From FlightNetwork - The World's Ultimate Bucket List For 2018©

From FlightNetwork
The World's Ultimate Bucket List For 2018©
Flight Networks has come up with the World's Ultimate Bucket List for travelers, including 50 destinations and trips that range from experiences like watching a centre court match as Wimbledon and quaffing a beer in Muninch at Oktoberfest to taking in stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or soaking up the salt flats in Bolivia.

Check out the whole list here.

To create the World’s Ultimate Bucket List for 2018, Flight Network consulted 800+ of the world’s leading travel journalists, agencies, bloggers, and editors- the people who do this for a living- to gain insight from their opinions and expertise. By consulting the world’s top travel professionals, Flight Network produced a bucket list for the modern era  — meant to captivate and inspire travellers all over the world.
Here are a few examples to whet your appetite for travel:
Visit Tiger’s Nest
Paro Taktsang, Bhutan
The Tiger’s Nest Monastery, also known as P…

Contemporary Classical - Jane Antonia Cornish: Into Silence (Innova Recordings - August 25 2017)

Jane Antonia Cornish: Into Silence
(Innova Recordings - August 25, 2017)
Composers: Jane Antonia Cornish
Performers: Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir, Caitlin Sullivan, Claire Bryant, Hamilton Berry, Vicky Chow, Anna Elashvili

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Jane Antonia Cornish's Into Silence is a gorgeous collection of reflective and emotional music that explores notions of time, silence, light, reflection, and trascendence.

Memory of Time, for solo violin and four cellos, is lovely and elegaic in its emotional range, with soaring strings and a harmonic heart that evokes the space and distance of time. Into Silence I, the second track, is a standout, that elegantly explores silence in sound using piano and electronics.

Scattered Light, for solo cello, relies on the stringed instrument to produce a sense of movement, but without agitation. The emotional colours of the tracks are spacious and meditative rather than tumultuous. The pieces are all linked thematically, but also by an ensemble of violin, piano, four…

Classical Electric Guitar: Trevor Babb: Warmth (Innova Recordings - Aug 25, 2017)

Trevor Babb: Warmth
(Innova Recordings - Aug 25, 2017)
Composers: Steve Reich, Paul Kerekes, David Lang, James Tenney, Trevor Babb, Carl Testa
Performers: Trevor Babb

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Warmth is Trevor Babb's debu solo recording, a collection of works for multiple electric guitars. The music fuses the rock and roll energy of the guitar with new classical compositions, and the results are quite mesmerizing.

The first trck is Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint, a piece that he wrote for Pat Metheny back in 1987. The original was for a live solo guitar part performed against 12 recorded guitar tracks and another two bass tracks. In his liner notes, Babb says that, instead, he looked to create different sound qualities for the guitars involved, and tookit on as a compositional project where he layered multiple tracks. It's complex and absorbing music with a sense of urgency.

Paul Kerekes' trai is a more meditative piece. The tones of the guitars is almost bell-like, and the instru…

Classical Piano - Emanuele Arciuli: Walk in Beauty (Innova Recordings - July 28 2017)

Classical Piano
Emanuele Arciuli: Walk in Beauty
A spiritual hike through the Southwest and Native cultures
Composers: Connor Chee, Peter Garland, Kyle Gann, Michael Daugherty, John Luther Adams, Raven Chacon, Martin Bresnick, Louis W. Ballard, Jennifer Higdon, Peter Gilbert, Carl Ruggles, Brent Michael Davids, Talib Rasul Hakim
Performers: Emanuele Arciuli

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Italian pianist Emanuele Arciuli fell in love with the American Southwest. This was no mere infatuation; Emmanuele began to collect art pieces and searched for music from the area. Walk in Beauty is the result of the musical end of that search, including fourteen compositions.

Emmanuele's selections include works by indigenous or First Natins composers, and others who have done their homework and put research of the area into their pieces. The Native American composers include Connor Chee’s fantasy on a Navajo theme, Raven Chacon’s experiments with noise and feedback from the piano mechanism, Brent Michael Davids’…

Notable Electronic Sounds: Nova Scotia Rap

Notable Electronic Sounds
Nova Scotia RapJeremy and Jeremy are a coupla musicians outta the 902 who have been taking their sound out of the garage and out into the world over the last few years. From their bio:

Notable  Electronic Sounds is a duo of musicians from Nova Scotia who are both  named Jeremy. A few years ago, they decided to combine SCSI's (Jeremy  Cayea, left) interest in Synthesizers with Dr.Z's (Jeremy Zwanenburg,  right) interest in rhyming poetry with their shared love of funk, hip  hop and electronic music (not to mention video games and many other things nerdalicious) to bring forth this beast into the world. We didn't  know what to call ourselves for a long time, but it turns out that most  of what we do falls under the Nerdcore umbrella. Sounds good!

Over  the course of the next few years, we began releasing our music to the  world via SoundCloud, and a handful of people listened even though we  had no clue what we were doing. That was really cool of thos…

Alt Hotel Ottawa unveils the art collection by resident artist Jason Cantoro

From a media release:

Alt Hotel Ottawa unveils the art collection by resident artist Jason Cantoro
132 custom pieces have been created for this chic hotel in our national capital

Montreal, April 11th, 2018 - Groupe Germain Hotels and MASSIVart are proud to present the artwork of Montreal's multidisciplinary artist Jason Cantoro. Exhibited in 132 rooms of the Alt Hotel Ottawa, the collection consists of a series of 3D origami folded photographs which are installed directly on the walls.

Canadian hotelier, Groupe Germain Hotels, has sought the expertise of MASSIVart to develop a unique and authentic collection of art pieces that represent the aesthetic of the Alt banner. In order to create personalized works of art, the MASSIVart team designed an artistic space in collaboration with Jason Cantoro. Upon immersing himself in the hotel's sleek urban atmosphere, the artist was immediately inspired and worked to create pieces that would reflect these spaces. Cantoro has brought to life …

León - 2018 Spanish Culinary Capital

From a media release:

Find Out More About Traveling To Spain

Whether you're a serious foodie or a more casual lover of good food, León, Spain’s new Culinary Capital, should make it to your to-do list.

Capital of the Province of León, the city lies on the Bernesga River in the northwest of Spain. It's noted for its imposing historic architecture, including the splendid 13th century Gothic Catedral de León, and Romanesque 10th century Basilica de San Isidoro, among many others.
The city and the surrounding area are famous for tapas, busy areas of bars and restaurants, and cured meat products such as cecina and botillo.

Take the opportunity in 2018 to sample the cuisine and the culture of León. The city is easy to reach by AVE high-speed train from Madrid in just over two hours.
Tapas in the Barrio Húmedo The Barrio Húmedo neighbourhood is very central, in the streets around Plaza de San Martín. It is the quintessential place for tapas, offerin…

Indie Music: New Singles From Nick Lamb

Pop/Rock Singles:
Gettin' High Off You
Simple Man
BY Nick Lamb
Independent - 19 February 2018
California indie musician Nick Lamb released a couple of singles in February that showcase his range of moods and styles. They come in advance of an album he has planned for May 2018 called Rock N Roll's My Road.

Gettin' High Off You is a punk-flavoured rock song with buzzy guitars and vocals with an insolent edge that's appropriate to the punk. The lyrics cover the usual boy-love object territory in a catchy, ear worm tune. It's radio friendly rock.

For Simple Man, Nick goes soft and acoustic with a simple message about love. What the lyrics may lack in originality, he makes up for in sincerity. The words are sung over nimble guitar picking. There are nice clean guitar licks in both acoustic and electric versions that mark the pair of singles.

Nick comes by the mood of simple sincerity honestly.

He was born into a backdrop of poverty in rural Pennsylvania. His parents, writer…

Cello In Hand: Ian Maksin At le poisson rouge New York City April 15 2018

From a media release:

Incredible journey around the globe with cello in hand
Sunday, April 15, 2018
(le) poisson rouge NYC
158 Bleecker St.

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• Check out Zaria

6pm doors | 7pm show | All Ages
Table Seating: $20 advance, $25 day of show
Standing Room: $15 advance, $20 day of show

NEW YORK CITY - 235 performances on four continents since release of Zaria in April of 2017. 78 performances in 2018 so far. Zaria is not just an album. It’s a journey. It’s a way of life. A way of bringing people together through music. From East Siberian shamanic chants to Kurdish folk songs. From rugged rhythms of the Balkan Mountains to Afro-Cuban clave. Love songs in 15 languages and counting. Everything melts into a unique fusion through Ian Maksin's magical cello.
Russian-born Chicago-based cellist and composer Ian Maksin has gained international recognition for his beautiful tone, his own unique innovative style of playing the instrument and for taking the cello …

Dance Theatre of Harlem New York Season - April 4-7 2018

From a media release:

Dance Theatre of Harlem
New York Season - April 4-7 2018
New York City Center

Tickets & More Info

NEW YORK CITY - The Dance Theatre of Harlem is taking over the New York City Center from April 4 to 7 for four performance, including three premieres, and a family-friendly matinee. Here's the details.

Brahms Variations (excerpt) - Robert Garland
The inspiration for the ballet is Louis XIV, French Patron of the Arts, and Grandfather of the ballet canon. Arthur Mitchell was a big persona in my life, a Harlem version of the French Monarch. So, the ballet is, in part, Louis the XIV’s court meeting Harlem Swag.

Change - Dianne McIntyre
This work is inspired by women—Black, Brown and Beige—who have refashioned the neighborhood, the country, the world through their vision, courage, and endurance. Often unsung, sometimes inconspicuous, these …