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Attractions Ontario 2018 Tourism Awards

From a media release:

Attractions Ontario
2018 Tourism Awards
Tourism isn't just about place, it's also about the people. In recognition of that fact, Attractions Ontario recently gave out their 2018 Tourism Awards. These are the unsung heroes of the tourism biz, including workers as well as volunteers who are truly committed to the projects they champion.

The winners were Duy Khang (Justin) Doan, Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Toronto, Rick Stokes, Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights, Aurore Lemarinier, Ottawa Tourism and Anna Pierce.
Aurore Lemarinier and Rick Stokes were co-champions of the Tourism Champion of the Year Award, presented to individuals who have provided significant organizational assistance, commitment, enthusiasm and specific expertise to the nominating business.

Starting as a volunteer at the Winter Festival of Lights in 1992, Stokes has been an active and hardworking volunteer without exception, including serving on the Festival’s Board of Dire…

New Single: Bloodywood INDIAN STREET METAL "Ari Ari" ft. Raoul Kerr

"Ari Ari" ft. Raoul Kerr
Indian metal - why haven't I heard about his before? Bloodywood, a band out of New Delhi, India, recently released a video for their new track Ari Ari (Indian Street Metal) - featuring Raoul Kerr. From their own description:

When Bloodywood takes metal to the streets of India! Scenic alleys, busy intersections, horses, camels, weddings and LOTS of amused by-standers. The streets of India - where chaos fortifies balance.

Indian metal band Bloodywood remakes a classic Indian folk song into a gut wrenching Metal song that redefines Unity, diversity and what humans are forgetting to practice these days!

Bloodywood is Karan Katiyar on guitars, production, and programming, with Jayant Bhadula on vocals, along with some help on this track. They're not big on PR blurbs, but apparently began as a metal parody project, "destrying pop songs as a full-time job". You can see the results of that on Bandcamp.

Their soun…

Reggae Backyard Barbecue in South Beach Florida at Nautilus - a SIXTY Hotel

From a media release:

Reggae Backyard Barbecue
in South Beach, Florida
at Nautilus - a SIXTY Hotel
June 2 2018 - and every Saturday
Will you be in Miami this summer? While the change of seasons doesn't exactly matter in Miami the same way it does in, say New York City, spring is always a good time to invigorate the social calender—no matter where you are. This coming season, we've got plenty for you to do at Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel.
Located at 1825 Collins Ave, Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel, is a 250-room oceanfront property originally named the Nautilus Hotel. Originally designed in the 1950’s by famed architect Morris Lapidus, the hotel stretches from Collins Avenue to the Beach. The hotel offers an 1,890 square foot salt water pool with exclusive weekend events and an expansive backyard offering nests for ultimate relaxation and poolside dining.  Exclusive beach access is also available. The hotel’s 200-seat signature restaurant, Nautilus Cabana Club, features both indoor and outdo…

Hip Study: Carleton University Grad Student on the Songs of the Tragically Hip

Hip Study:
Carleton University Grad Student
on the Songs of the Tragically Hip
Critical Constructions of Canadianness: The Tragically Hip and Representations of Canadian Identity 
Michelle MacQueen talks about her research

Carleton University master's student Michelle MacQueen was recently listed as a top 25 finalist of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s (SSHRC) Storyteller competition. Her research subject? The songs of the Tragically Hip.
At the bottom of her research is the notion of culture and identity intertwined. "It is how music develops Canadian identity," she explains.

According to Michelle, the Tragically Hip catalogue contains over 300 Canadian lyrical references. It was the nature of those references that drew her interest. "They either have a darker tone, or darker subjects," she says.

She notes songs like Wheat Kings, which talks about the real life unjust imprisonment of David Milgard, and Goodnight Attawapiskat, that touches on …

Black Cop - Screening June 1-7 2018 at Cineplex Theatres Across Canada

Black Cop
a film by Cory Bowles
starring Ronnie Rowe Jr.Update! - Screening all week - to June 7 - in all six cities!
Screening June 1, 2 & 3 2018 in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg & Halifax

Get Tickets

Northern Banner is releasing Black Cop in Canada, June 1, 2 & 3 as a Cineplex Special Event Screening in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, then June 5 an exclusive iTunes run, with a wide VOD release on June 19.

Black Cop is a film by Halifax filmmaker Cory Bowles, probably best known as an actor for his portrayal of Cory on Trailer Park Boys. The movie asks, at its most basic level, how does the individual navigate against the stream? Or, better put, can he? And at what cost?

As the movie begins, we see the Black Cop in a typical cop persona, his face impassive behind dark sunglasses. But, this is no ordinary parade or street event. It's a Black Lives Matter protest. "Are you kidding me?" a protester yells in his …

Interview: Montreal Choreographer Sasha Ivanochko - Catch Her Work in Toronto June 6 to 9 2018

Sasha Ivanochko Mirrors Staging the Seeing Place/Modern Woman in Search of Soul
Presented by Citadel & Cie, Toronto
June 6 to 9 2018Get tickets

Montreal choreographer Sasha Ivanochko is in Toronto for the performance of two of her works for solo dancers. Both pieces in the upcoming performance are centered around the female form and what it means to inhabit it, a timely theme is the #MeToo era. It's especially apt in the world of dance, where the female form is placed front and centre but in an idealized form.

"I've worked with what I'd call female archetypes before." She cites her portrayal of a torch singer in The future memory heartbreak junction, diptych. That work premiered at The Enwave Theatre Toronto in October, 2010. She delved further into the relationship between those female archetypes and men in Speak, Love, a piece that premiered in 2013. "But, then I thought I was all done with that," she says.

In coming up with new ideas t…

Ethiopian Airlines Holds Autism Awareness Panel Discussion 'Flying with Autism'

From a media release:

Ethiopian Airlines Holds Autism Awareness Panel Discussion, 'Flying with Autism'
For Autism Awareness Month 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (May 23, 2018) -  Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA) conducted a half-day Autism Awareness panel discussion on May 11, 2018 at EAA Auditorium under the theme “Flying with Autism”.
The event, which was held to mark Autism Awareness Month, aimed at celebrating the role of Ethiopian Airlines in easing travel stress for families and children with autism. The panel discussion provided airline staff Autism Awareness training on how to assist travellers.

The discussion highlighted the need for a paradigm shift concerning children with autism as being abled rather than disabled. It also touched upon raising awareness, acceptance and creating an inclusive environment.  The panel discussion is part of CC&CT School’s initiatives to make air travel more accessible for passengers with autism. EAA also plans to provide similar trainin…

The Vancouver Art Gallery presents the Canadian premiere of David Milne: Modern Painting June 16 to September 9 2018

From a media release:

The Vancouver Art Gallery presents
the Canadian premiere of
David Milne: Modern Painting
June 16 to September 9, 2018
Innovative Painter’s First Major Exhibition in Canada in Thirty Years Reveals Highlights of Half-Century Career

May 21, 2018, Vancouver, BC – The Vancouver Art Gallery in collaboration with Dulwich Picture Gallery and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, with support from the National Gallery of Canada, presents David Milne: Modern Painting, on view June 16 to September 9, 2018. This is the first major exhibition of Canadian artist David Milne shown in the country in thirty years. Coming direct to the Gallery from its recent European debut in London, the exhibition features close to ninety works in oil and watercolour, never-before-presented photographs, drawings and memorabilia.
David Milne (1882 – 1953) enjoyed a career that spanned half the twentieth century, taking him from the bustling cityscape of New York, to the battlefields of Northern France…

Roots/Folk - Aya Maguire: The Sandcastle King (Independent - 13 July 2018)

Aya Maguire: The Sandcastle King
(Independent - 13 July 2018)
Singer-songwriter Aya Maguire has a clean and expressive soprano that perfectly matches her songs. With deep roots in the folk genre, her compositions are melodic and offer an imaginative range of sounds and textures.

Oh My Heart sounds like a medieval folk song - high and melodic with a heavy rhythmic pulse. It nicely complements the plaintive theme of the words. Two To Fold has a hypnotic 3/4 meter and she adds fuzzy electric guitar to push it beyond the limits of traditional folk music, the rhythmic tension rising to a climactic end.

The Boulder, Colorado based singer-songwriter has been playing music since she was a child, first taking it to the public at open mic nights during her college hears in Portland, Oregon. Later on, she sang at cafés in Seattle before making her way to Boulder in 2015. Her influences include artists list Joni Mitchel and Feist.

Along with her vocals, Aya is a skilled guitarist, displ…

#WonderfulWorld50 Celebrate Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" 50th Anniversary Queens NY May 14 to June 30 2018

From a media release:

In New York City?
Celebrate Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World"
50th Anniversary All Over Queens
Three Queens-based organizations collaborate to bring the legacy and music of Armstrong into all 62 branches of the Queens Library System
May 14 to June 30, 2018

Get FREE Tickets To All Events At The Link

QUEENS, NEW YORK: Queens Library has joined forces with Louis Armstrong House Museum and the Kupferberg Center for the Arts @ Queens College to launch a systemwide celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" in all 62 branches of the library with free workshops, concerts, lectures, video, and surprise events between now and June 30th. The celebration includes pop-up events in all 62 branches of the Queens Public Library plus free workshops, concerts, lectures, video, and surprises staging now through June 30th.

"There's so much in 'Wonderful World' that brings me back to …