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Classical Remix: Chris Lastovicka - Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) (Ahari Press / April 12, 2019) - Preview Single Now

Classical Remix:
Chris Lastovicka - Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)
(Ahari Press / April 12, 2019)
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"Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)" traces the journey from deep suffering to the fullness and freedom of the heart. It is a quest to find the Self. I asked Jeremy Allom to take the original, raw recordings for this album and bring out their vitality with his own powerful, creative stamp.

"When I was thinking about who I'd like to remix my album, I thought about my favorite album, Massive Attack's "Blue Lines". I wondered if I would be able to even get Jeremy Allom, who mixed that album. I did, and it has been an incredible experience working with him and getting to know him. - Chris Lastovicka

The 7th Chapter Of Job is the first single from the upcoming release, a moody composition with a narrative flow. It could easily be an evocative film soundtrack. Chris uses voice as a shimmering layer above the ebb and flow of strings and piano, min…

Mark Peters and The Dark Band - Sum Of All Parts - Album Drops January 28 2019

Mark Peters and The Dark Band Single: Sum Of All Parts / Release Date: Jan 14, 2019
Album: Sum Of All Parts / Audio Heart Records / January 28 2019
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Sum of All Parts is the brand new single from Mark Peters and the Dark Band in advance of the EP by the same name, due to drop January 28. The Vienna, Austria based singer songwriter's roots are planted firmly in the classic rock tradition, with a mastery of the form that elevates it above the ordinary.

The first single from the album features a notable and liquid guitar line that adds flourishes to the spare rhythm. Peters' vocals range from plaintive to urgent, the emotion rising in a rousing cry against the disintegration of a relationship.

The older I become,
The less I believe in anything...

The angsty vocals play against a hypnotic 3/4 beat. Peters leverages the music against the emotion for dramatic effect with a real sense of authenticity.

Looking forward to the rest of the EP later this mo…

Folk/Pop: Todd Warner Moore - Spark (Independent / October 31, 2018)

Todd Warner Moore - Spark
(Independent / October 31, 2018)
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In the balance, there's more folk than pop to Spark, the recent album from Todd Warner Moore that falls squarely into singer songwriter territory.

Spark, the title track is classic folk, the melody lilting over a simple acoustic guitar rhythmic pattern. The sweet vocal harmonies flavoured by traditional folk light up the song with a rhythmic sense of phrasing.

It was a spark that set a motion
In her brain
Under the long dark spell,
Then suddenly, a flame

The lyrics are philosophical and upbeat; it's simple music that is carried by his conviction and a sense of authenticity. Vocally Moore has a pleasant tenor that carries the melody with the help of Jamie Howell, whose clear high soprano that matches his tone perfectly.

Noodles ventures into country territory in a song about...making spaghetti for his baby to come home to. Do You Really Know adds piano and strings to the be…

400: An Afrikan Epic

From a media release:

400: An Afrikan Epic
Drummer, Composer and Educator Dr. Mark Lomax, II Presents a Monumental 12-Album Cycle Honoring the 400th Anniversary of the Translantic Slave Trade
CD Release Concert on Saturday, January 26 at Wexner Center, Columbus, OH
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400: An Afrikan Epic is a landmark exploration of the ancient history, 400-year struggle, and inspired future of Black America, depicted in a stunning variety of musical settings.

In 1619, a Dutch ship carrying 20 enslaved Africans landed off the coast of the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia, marking the foundation of slavery in America. To honor those four centuries of struggle, triumph, tragedy and community, drummer, composer, activist and educator Dr. Mark Lomax, II will unveil his monumental new project, 400: An Afrikan Epic on January 23, 2019.

400: An Afrikan Epic is the culmination of a lifetime of musical and historical study for Dr. Lomax. By his early teens Lomax was establishing himself as a g…

Frederico7 Announces Debut Album 'Exotico American' - Out February 23, 2019

From a media release:

Frederico7 Announces Debut Album
Exótico American - Out February 23, 2019
Album Release Party February 23 at the Empire Control Room - Austin, Texas
Get the tix, details & CD at the Link

Austin TX based musician Frederico7 is proud to announce his debut solo album Exótico Americano, set for release on February 23, 2019. The album is an amalgamation of Frederico’s diverse background and experiences living in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina before setting his roots in the "Live Music Capital of the World." Exotico Americano fuses Afro-Brazilian rhythms with American Funk, Soul, Dub and Psychedelia, coming together to form Frederico7’s cohesive 21st century vision of Pan-American Soul.

Exótico Americano is an apt title for Frederico7’s debut album and the title track. Frederico explains, “The inspiration is the American Continent and its people. The revelation in the record is that we are ALL ‘Exótico Americanos’ regardless of race, national background, e…

#CUTMR2019 Come Up To My Room Part of the DesignTO Festival Gladstone Hotel Toronto till January 20 2019

Come Up To My Room
Part of the DesignTO Festival
Gladstone Hotel Toronto
till January 20 2019
The city of Toronto is locked in the grip of the dreaded polar vortex this weekend, bringing inhumanly cold temperatures and snow to the city. All the more reason to feast your eyes on the glory that is Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel.

The four floors of the iconic boutique hotel have been transformed by artists and designers. The main cluster of installations is on the second floor, with the functions of other floors - bars, guest rooms - intact with the addition of more works of artistic design.

Saturday January 19: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, with celebration 7:00 – 10:00 pm, and free Love Design Party 10:00 pm til late Sunday January 20: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Admission General admission: $10 Family of 4: $25 Tickets at the link
Here's a sampling of what is on offer.

The work of this Ecuadorian-Canadian artist consists of disconnected parts, repeated and altered in an exploration of …

Jewel of the South: Birmingham Museum of Art

Jewel of the South:
Birmingham Museum of Art
The Birmingham Museum of Art is worth at least an afternoon's leisurely perusal, and, with more than 24,000 paintings, sculptures, and more, possibly a second visit to properly appreciate all the collections on view.
Well attended by locals, the Museum probably doesn't make it on many touristy lists, and that's just wrong. There is a large, interesting, and diverse collection to be discovered in a gorgeous and colourful building.
At the east end of the building, you'll find the Museum's signature work. The New York based artist was bowled over by his trip west in 1859, and completed this painting from sketches and studies back in his Manhattan studio. It's internationally recognized as a particularly fine example of landscape art.
It's on display beside a large abstract painting by artist Helen Frankenthaler. Frankenthaler's abstract works are inspired by the landscapes she's experienced, and she creates …

Travel Off The Beaten Path: Birmingham, Alabama

Travel Off The Beaten Path:
Birmingham, Alabama
It may seem odd to list a city under the category of "off the beaten path". There are highways that lead to the capital of Alabama, to be sure.
But, it's also a fact that both TSA agents I encountered on a recent trip to Birmingham, in Toronto and the airline rep in Atlanta, questioned why a nice lady like me would be on my way there. I saw a distressing amount of poverty in the outlying suburbs - empty houses falling down on every block, properties seemingly untouched since the subdivisions were built in the mid-twentieth century.

But, there are jewels that still sparkle in the matrix of a Southern belle who may have seen better days, and ones that are worth preserving and visiting while you are touring the American South. A boost to the local economy, based largely on small businesses and not so many large box stores would only benefit. You can check with organizations like the Birmingham Black Business Directory, and gen…