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Travel the World Without Ever Leaving Toronto Local Food Tour Company, Chopsticks+Forks, Soars Under Foodie Founder Jusep Sim

From a media release:

Travel the World Without Ever Leaving Toronto
Local Food Tour Company, Chopsticks+Forks, Soars Under the Passion and Expertise of Foodie Founder, Jusep Sim
• To book a tour or private dining experience, visit

Toronto, March 19, 2019 - The only passport you’ll need on this trip is one for your taste buds: local food tour company, Chopsticks+Forks, takes guests on an epicurean adventure right in their own backyard. Thanks to globe-trotting celebrity chefs and Instagram posts worthy of the #foodporn hashtag, the appreciation of food culture has exploded in recent years and Toronto-based “chronicfoodie”, Jusep Sim, has leveraged the craze to create Chopsticks+Forks. Sim’s natural affinity for story-telling through food has catapulted the company into the #1 spot on TripAdvisor, where guests rave about their experience on the Kensington Market Food Tour.
The tour that started it all leads hungry guests to six restaurants in Toronto’s Kensington Ma…

New Music Video: Idan Raichel & Danay Suarez "La Eternidad Que Se Perdió (The Eternity That Was Lost)"

From a media release:

New Music Video:
Idan Raichel & Danay Suarez
"La Eternidad Que Se Perdió
(The Eternity That Was Lost)"
Buy it at Cumbancha Records
Stream it on Spotify

Cuban singer Danay Suarez and Israeli music icon Idan Raichel first met at one of Idan's concerts in Miami several years ago. Despite different backgrounds, their artistic chemistry was immediate and Idan and Danay soon began making music together. Danay and Idan have shared the stage numerous times, and Danay even covered one of Idan's songs on her Latin GRAMMY-nominated album Palabras Manuales.

The new music video for their song "La Eternidad Que Se Perdió (The Eternity That Was Lost)" was directed by Danay herself and filmed in Miami and Havana. It features vocalists Ernesto Bacallao Serrano & Juan Alfredo Hurtado Valero from the legendary Orquesta Aragón. In a world blinded by politics and ideology, Danay calls out for change: "Wisdom was not born out of an algorithm or …

Blyth Theatre: Canadian Author Lawrence Hill highlights Blyth Festival 45th Season Events

From a media release:

Blyth Theatre:
Canadian author Lawrence Hill highlights
Blyth Festival events to celebrate 45th Season
Find Out More About Blyth Festival

BLYTH, ON – Canadian author Lawrence Hill will highlight a unique series of events at Blyth Festival to celebrate 45 seasons of developing and producing plays that give a rich voice to both rural South Western Ontario and the entire country.
The award-winning author of The Book of Negroes and The Illegal will speak from the theatre’s main stage about his passionate views on elder care and assisted dying in Canada, providing his perspective on the journey to death for his extraordinary mother, Donna Mae Hill. At 90 years old, after a remarkable life, much of it spent fighting for civil rights in Canada, Donna Mae Hill travelled to Switzerland for an assisted death because Canada’s laws prohibited it. Lawrence Hill and his niece were present at her end of life.

Select books written by Lawrence Hill will be available for sale and si…

Pop/Rock with a Heart: Kevin Thomas/Kevin Thomas Band - A New Heart (Independent / March 29, 2019)

Pop/Rock with a Heart:
Kevin Thomas/Kevin Thomas Band - A New Heart
(Independent / March 29, 2019)
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Gotta see the big picture
While weeding through the lies
See the big picture
Like a child

Can pop-rock be uplifting, positive - and still listenable? San Diego based Kevin Thomas and his band make that a hard yes on this full length release.
The music industry veteran works alone and with a floating cast of bandmates to craft catchy pop songs with a positive message. The Big Picture is the first single from the release, a bright pop song that veers into reggae and jazzy chord changes.

There's a nice sense of musicality and musical variety on the album. Time steps into classic funk territory, with a nice fat Hammond organ sound, and a chorus with the feel of a retro anthem. The infectious groove continues in Money Tree with an RnB vibe at the chorus. Let Your Arrow Fly owes its inspiration to vintage power pop with its prominent vocal harmonies.


Singer/Songwriter/Ambient: Ivor Lane - Postplay (Independent / March 29 2019)

Ivor Lane - Postplay
(Independent / March 29, 2019)
Stream the Single 'I Wait Too Long' on Spotify

Haunting and evocative, Chicago based indie artist Ivor Lane's debut EP Postplay makes beauty out of heartache.

"I was in a very dark and isolated emotional place when I wrote this album. But at my core, I am extremely optimistic, I think you can hear that in this record. I was inspired by 90's shoegaze music, most notably Slowdive for the texture and sounds in the songs, and folk singers such as Nico for my vocal performance and soul bearing lyrical content. I want this album to help folks who are sad, by being a friendly voice that doesn't try to heal them, but sits with them as they are, and helps them reflect."

Dreamy, wistful, and romantic, Ivor Lane's soft and expressive tenor is perfect for the mood of Loved Me. They have a distinctive vocal style that is whispery and intimate, fluid and emotion laden. In Miss Me, Ivor&#…

A Manga Lover’s Tokyo Travel Guide By Evangeline Neo (Tuttle Publishing - August 13, 2019)

From a media release:

A Manga Lover’s Tokyo Travel Guide
My Favorite Things to See and Do in Japan
By Evangeline Neo
Tuttle Publishing - August 13, 2019
An entertaining and visually-captivating guide to one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations

Preorder The Book

This guide to Tokyo is depicted in charming, culturally-relevant and humorous drawings and stories, which are as enjoyable for armchair travelers as they are practically useful for visitors to the city. Step into the world of modern Japanese culture through this amusing and unique travel guide.
In contrast to the typical travel guide, A Manga Lover’s Tokyo Travel Guide is both informative and fun to read. Learn about Japanese culture, sights and travel tips through the lens of increasingly-relevant and globally popular Japanese pop-culture. Discover where to shop for souvenirs in Akihabara and Nakano, go on a tour of famous anime and manga museums like Studio Ghibli and Sanrio Puroland, and experience a cosplay studio,…

Nu House/New Single: Matt Warren - How Do I Love Thee

Nu House/New Single:
Matt Warren - How Do I Love Thee
From the album Music Is My Life
(Wake Up! Music Oct 15, 2018)
Stream the album on Spotify
Read my review of the album

Chicago based Matt Warren has been a DJ for four decades, and a producer since 1984. He co-founded Sunset Records in 1985, a label that released a string of house classics. In 1987, he founded AKA Dance Music, releasing Bang The Box, now considered the first hard house track.

After the demise of AKA Dance Music, Matt Warren continued to travel the world DJ in some of the top clubs. Meanwhile, Matt continued to produce new music, remix tracks by some of the biggest names in music. By the 1990s, he was a well known writer, arranger, and producer who worked with a wide range of artists - but house was still close to his heart.

In 2016, he crossed paths agains with house diva Pepper Gomez, who had founded Wake Up! Music, producing under the name MyMy Lady G. It wasn't long before the two decided to collaborate on an…

Off Broadway: $30 Tickets for WHITE NOISE by Suzan-Lori Parks & AIN'T NO MO' by Jordan E. Cooper

From a media release:\

Off Broadway:
$30 Tickets for WHITE NOISE by Suzan-Lori Parks
& AIN'T NO MO' by Jordan E. Cooper
Playing through April 21 & 28 2019
At the Public Theater, New York City

Following her critically-acclaimed trilogy FATHER COMES HOME FROM THE WARS (PARTS 1, 2 & 3), Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks (Topdog/Underdog, In The Blood) returns with a world premiere play about race, friendship, and our rapidly unraveling social contract.

Long-time friends and lovers Leo, Misha, Ralph, and Dawn are educated, progressive, cosmopolitan, and woke. But when a racially motivated incident with the cops leaves Leo shaken, he decides extreme measures must be taken for self-preservation.

The Public’s Artistic Director, Oskar Eustis (Julius Caesar, Public Works Twelfth Night) directs this fierce new drama about what happens when the unspoken and the unspeakable come head-to-head.

by Suzan-Lori Parks
directed by Oskar Eustis
Playing now thru …