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Curator's Talk Online: Vancouver Art Gallery Kicks Off 'Art Connects' Series March 31 & April 3 2020

From a media release: Vancouver Art Gallery Kicks Off Art Connects Series with Curators’ Talk: Grant Arnold and Mandy Ginson March 31 & April 3, 2020 • Pre-register for the Curators' Talk at Zoom March 30, 2020, Vancouver, BC – In response to temporary closure of the exhibition spaces due to the current global health pandemic, the Vancouver Art Gallery launches Art Connects, a new series of online gatherings that encourage dialogue and connection during this new age of physical distancing. Starting Tuesday at 1:30 PM and Friday at 4:30 PM this March 31 , the Vancouver Art Gallery will stream live conversations on the Gallery's Zoom channel, featuring guests from local and international arts communities. Art Connects is free for everyone to join and the weekly conversations will be interactive in nature. Upon registration, attendees can submit questions and chat directly with fellow attendees during the live stream. Art has the power to connect individuals,

Jazz Great Fred Hersch Offers Live Mini Concerts From Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

From a media release: Jazz Great Fred Hersch Live Mini Concerts H ere's a message from renowned jazz pianist Fred Hersch: Fred Hersch, image ©Martin Zeman Mini Concert Every Day I hope everybody is safe and healthy and will remain that way. This is an unprecedented challenge to everyone on the planet, and we all need resilience and resourcefulness going forward. Starting this Sunday, every day at 1pm EST  I will do a live mini concert of piano music from my home. You can see and hear the concert here: You don't have to "be" on Facebook or sign in to anything to access the concert. Just click the image below. And if you "like" the page you will be notified each day. Wishing you all strength and much love, Fred

Phoenix, Oregon: Stream Indie Film & Support Indie Theaters

From a media release: Indie Film: Phoenix Oregon Starring James Le Gros & Jesse Borrego • Stream it at the link • 50% of Fees Go To Indie Theatre Owners Unprecedented times call for unusual solutions, even when it comes to watching movies in today's uncertain world, where "social distancing" is the new normal. The new independent film Phoenix, Oregon, scheduled to open in theaters this past Friday, March 20th, will now offer folks who need a break from the constant drumbeat of coronavirus news the opportunity to watch a new release movie from home at a matinée price of $6.50. They will be helping a hurting number of small businesses and in the meantime, producers will share all revenue on a 50/50 basis with the group of theaters where it would have been shown . The theatrical-at-home option is available in the U.S. and Canada beginning this Friday, March 20th, at . Any theaters that remain open to the public on March 20th w

From Nacional Records: Some Jams For Your COVID-19 Quarantine Listening

A message from our friends at Nacional Records: Time to listen to more music at home🏡🎶 Music for the COVID-19 quarantine Nacional Records would like to send a message of health and calm during this time of uncertainty. As COVID-19 holds the world in temporary stand-still we would like to start off our newsletter with a message of kindness, support, and some music to get you through! Thanks in advance for your continued support of indie music in media and on the radio. The world needs music more than ever right now and the music industry (especially the indie world), needs your support to make it through what is going to be a bumpy ride for the entertainment industry and the world in general. Elbow bumps and namaste prayer hands greetings to all! 🙏 LISTEN TO OUR JAMS:  Self-quarantine Dance Party Jam  🕺 Cheo "No Quiero Ser Tu Amigo"  The song tells the story of being "friend-zoned" after a few dates  (because her boyfriend (!?) - oops she forgot

Indie Music: Patrick Ames - Liveness (Independent / 4 April 2020)

Patrick Ames - Liveness (Independent / 4 April 2020) • Stream it on Spotify Techno-minimalism meets poetic lyrics, with a rhythm and groove thrown into the mix - that's the recipe for veteran Bay Area DIY musician Patrick Ames on his upcoming release Liveness. The 6-track EP features Ames at his idiosyncratic best, switching up genres between the synth pop/spoken word anti-NRA of Bang Bang Bang and the electro-Bossa Nova I Want You, with its plaintive lyrics. Just Before I Said I Do reaches back into vintage rock musically, with a creepy kind of edge. Just before we dressed in white, I whispered in your ears... I really, really do, I really, really love you, Just before I said I do. He mines nostalgia again in Slow Dancing, a song about watching his parents dancing to the oldies. Want to Believe is a remix of one of his songs from an earlier album, a bluesy song with a heavy does of soul against lyrics about soulless technology. Chana Matthews and Mikaila Matthew

Coronavirus And Travel: What Should You Do?

Coronavirus And Travel: What Should You Do? With widespread panic about the coronavirus, I thought a timely look at the facts was in order. There is disinformation, but there are also more than 102,471 COVID-19 cases worldwide, with at least 3,491 deaths. On the flip side, 57,463 people have recovered. Here are some immediate questions answered. Image by Jan VaÅ¡ek from Pixabay  What's my risk of coronavirus exposure if I travel now? That depends on where you are headed. First, since the risk level can change daily, you'll want to consult the government's travel advisories. • In Canada, you can check here for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Travel advice •  In the USA, you can check the CDC website As I write this, there is an elevated risk associated with traveling to, and travelers from, these locations: • China • Italy (Northern Italy) • South Korea • Iran • Singapore (Canada only) • Hong Kong • Japan In some cases, your flight may already be canc

Harlem Stage: Jason 'Timbuktu' Diakité's A DROP OF MIDNIGHT March 30 to April 4 2020

From a media release: Harlem Stage: Jason 'Timbuktu' Diakité's A DROP OF MIDNIGHT March 30 to April 4, 2020 UPDATE: A Drop Of Midnight will now Premier October 13 with performances through October 18 . Tickets purchased for the March/April dates will be honored in October. This is being done for the safety of our audience, our staff and the artists.  • Buy Tickets Harlem Stage WaterWorks commissioned artist, Jason ‘Timbuktu’ Diakité, is one of Sweden’s biggest hip hop artists and a best-selling author, and the result is A Drop Of Midnight. Through storytelling and live music, Diakité brings his biography, A Drop of Midnight, to life at Harlem Stage. Born of American parents with roots in Harlem, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, this first-generation Swedish artist takes us on a journey that explores racism, bigotry, migration, identity, ancestry, and family, through an unflinching narrative that dares to ask the questions: Where do I belong? Who are my pe

New single: EllaHarp - Screaming Into The Void (Independent / February 5, 2020

New single: EllaHarp - Screaming Into The Void (Independent / February 5, 2020 • Stream via Spotify. "Screaming Into The Void' was written in a moment of frustration about releasing music in the digital age. In many ways it's easier than ever to make a splash, but amidst the overwhelming quantity of music coming out on any given day it can feel a lot like you're making literally no difference whatsoever." - EllaHarp EllaHarp weaves her instrument, and ghosts of the blues and Celtic melodies and idioms, into a layered pop song on Screaming Into The Void, her latest single. The harp dances in and out of vocal harmonies, with poetic lyrics about trying to make your mark. Time, it's the enemy, It's the only thing we own It's a beguiling combination of elements that reaches beyond folk and roots to pop and blues, and a universal kind of beauty that's very appealing. Ella Dawn Jenkins, aka EllaHarp, Ella Dawn Jenkins is a true independent

Jazz solo guitar: Riccardo Chiarion - Quiet Stories (Drawnmusic / 10 January 2020)

Jazz solo guitar: Riccardo Chiarion - Quiet Stories (Drawnmusic / 10 January 2020) • Stream it on Spotify • Stream it on YouTube Flawless technique, a golden tone, and a fluid sense of interpretation characterize this solo jazz release by Italian guitarist Riccardo Chiarion. Chiarion has been active in the Italian and international jazz scene since 2003, and he's recorded with a who's who of that world in performing ensembles as well as in many recordings. On Quiet Stories, he showcases his own talent as a solo guitarist Solo instrumental albums risk becoming a kind of self-indulgent exercise; Chiarion has evaded that turn with a nice sense of variety in the tracks. Delicato is a moody piece that goes through tempo and rhythmic changes, while Green is more melodic, and falls neatly into the contemporary jazz idiom. Hidden Blues is...definitely bluesy, with a few changes thrown into the usual 5-4-1 harmonics. It's like a meditation on the blues, rather than a