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Malian blues: Boubacar Traoré's new album Dounia Tabolo to be released November 17th 2017

From a media release: Malian blues: Boubacar Traoré's new album Dounia Tabolo to be released November 17th 2017 • Pre-order/buy the album (worldwide shipping available) Boubacar Traoré is the last Malian bluesman of his generation. Since the death of Ali Farka Touré, he has been the musical genre’s only West African icon. In the course of an unsettled life, he became the first star of independence at the start of the 1960s and then vanished from the music scene for nearly 20 years before returning to the limelight in the mid-80s. And ‘Karkar’ is still with us today. Guitarist, singer and songwriter Boubacar Traoré has an inimitable, wholly personal style. Self-taught and inspired by the Kassonké tradition – he was born in Kayes in Northwest Mali in 1942 – like all the young people of his generation, he discovered blues, rock, jazz, soul and Cuban and Congolese music on the radio, and constructed a musical world like no other for himself. Poetic, fluid and stripped down, hi

The Recall VR Abduction App: A Multi Format Movie Experience

From a media release: THE RECALL VR APPLICATION OFFERS FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND VR FILM, 2D FILM & NEW IMMERSIVE 3-SCREEN VIEWER EXPERIENCE Groundbreaking Application Offers Immersive Multi-format Content Options for Users All in One Place • Check out a preview of THE RECALL VR Abduction Application experience  Toronto, ON/Los Angeles, CA - October 26, 2017: The Recall VR Abduction app is the world's first and only in-app transactional multi format movie experience. The app teleports you to the world of The Recall, staring Wesley Snipes, and welcomes you into the exclusive media lounge where you can immerse yourself in The Recall VR Abduction, enjoy "The Making of The Recall" in a giant home theater screen, and experience the trailers in 360-degrees, Barco Escape, and Standard 2D formats. The app contains the feature film, trailers in multiple formats, cast stills and extra exclusive behind the scenes video content in 2D format. Capable of streaming or downloading

Recently released: Eric Pedigo - Sun & Shade (Independent, July 7, 2017)

Recently released: Eric Pedigo - Sun & Shade (Independent, July 7, 2017) • Stream/Download the album on Bandcamp • Listen on Spotify "This is a collection of songs about searching for love and sometimes finding it. Its about choosing optimism over pessimism. Its about searching for my place in the world among the chaos." Those are Eric Pedigo's words about his latest CD, the second after his first solo EP, Parachute, released in 2014. It's an engaging collection of bouncy pop tunes with clever lyrics, a jazzy sense of phrasing and rhythmic complexity. From I'm In Love With A Stranger, I'm in love with a stranger Because I can't get to you Inventive instrumentation, including ukelele, and vocals that dance around the rhythmic bones of the songs, elevate this release above the herd. Eric's voice is expressive and fluid, and he's able to achieve a range of emotions and tones that keep it interesting. Warm-up is a playful take on ju

Travel News: Ethiopian Airlines Brings the 787-900 XWB Dreamliner to Toronto - 5X a Week

From a media release: Travel News: Ethiopian Airlines fulfilling your dreams, bringing the 787-900 XWB Dreamliner to Toronto • Check Out Their Latest Special Offers Toronto, Ontario, Canada (October 25, 2017) - Ethiopian Airlines Group announces a new aircraft to Toronto starting December 2017. The flight will be operated with Ethiopian’s brand new and ultra-modern B787-900 XWB (Xtra Wide Body) aircraft the largest of Dreamliners series. This Dreamliner is configured with 30 seats in Ethiopian’s Cloud Nine business class and 296 seats in economy class. “This is exciting news for us as we continue to grow. With the increase in flights we most recently announced our goal is to maintain youngest fleet in the industry. Its part of our 15 years strategic road map, vision 2025,” said Birhan Abate, Ethiopian Airlines Canada Country Manager. Abate added, “The new aircraft also offers a bigger baggage and cargo capacity to uplift.” Ethiopian recently increased its frequency from thr

Classical/New Music David DiChiera: Letters & Fantasies (Innova Recordings, August 25, 2017)

With material from a media release: Classical/New Music David DiChiera: Letters & Fantasies (Innova Recordings, August 25, 2017) Refueling the Motor City Composers: David DiChiera Performers: Angela Theis, Ivan Moshchuk, Annalise Dzwonczyk, Yury Revich, Matthew Konopacki, Berthold Brauer, Aleksey Shadrin • Buy the CD With a resume that includes founding and leading a couple of major opera companies (Michigan Opera Theatre and Opera Pacific, not to mention directing the Dayton Opera Association and serving as president of Opera America), David DiChiera (b. 1935) can be forgiven for occasionally allowing his composing career to be overshadowed. Now, to celebrate his retirement at 82 his friends and colleagues have produced an album of his chamber works, Letters & Fantasies, that show “Dr. D” proudly wearing his composer hat. The compositions span a period from 1963 to 2017, and include art songs about love, beauty, and endurance, along with an instrumental piece.

Travel Germany/Travel Bavaria: The Hat King of Regensburg

From a media release: Travel Germany/Travel Bavaria The Hat King of Regensburg • Check Him Out Online Did you know that Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter’s hat for Walt Disney’s movie Alice in Wonderland was made in southern Germany? A well-known address to hat lovers for more than 100 years, the ‘Hutkönig’ (Hat King) of Regensburg, Bavaria, is located in the city’s centre, the shop offering literally thousands of styles of traditionally-made headgear. The "Hutmacher am Dom", located next to the old cathedral, offers his customers a wide variety of hats and accessories that cover two floors. More than 15.000 items of headwear, of any kind and for every season, will satisfy any need. The goal of this family business is to find a hat for every head. Europe's one and only master craftsman for both lady's and gentleman's hats/headwear is Andreas Nuslan, with "Meister" titles for hat making and fashion design. He manufactures his designs in cooperat

Vegan Heaven: The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes (Robert Rose, Oct 16 2017)

Vegan Cookbook: THE EDGY VEG: 138 CARNIVORE-APPROVED VEGAN RECIPES by Candice Hutchings, James Aita • Order the Book • Check out the Edgy Veg Youtube channel Edgy Veg is vegan cooking that satisfies on every level. When they say "Carnivore Approved" - they mean it. Are you thinking of going vegan? Or even, like me, just cutting down on your meat consumption? There are many reasons to do so from factory farming to the environment. But what can hold you back? If you are of a certain age, you will remember what was then called vegetarianism, and books like Diet for a Small Planet. It was a great book, with some good advice. But those recipes...there is only so much broccoli and brown rice you can stomach. Nowadays, of course, it's more like kale and whatever has been deemed the latest superfood. At the Edgy Veg cookbook launch If you were raised with the typical North American diet, it probably left you with very few ideas on what to do with all those veggie

Recently opened: ALEX JANVIER Major retrospective at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection On view to January 21, 2018

From a media release: Recently opened: ALEX JANVIER Major retrospective celebrating contemporary artist Alex Janvier at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection Organized by the National Gallery of Canada On view to January 21, 2018 Alex Janvier , Land of Beauty and Joy , 2015, watercolour on paper, 91.4 KLEINBURG ON— From October 7, 2017, to January 21, 2018, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection proudly presents the extraordinary works of Alex Janvier, one of Canada’s most acclaimed contemporary artists. Organized by the National Gallery of Canada (NGC), the Alex Janvier exhibition celebrates this innovative artist’s lifetime of creativity, and recounts his love of Dene culture and devotion to the re-empowerment of Indigenous art. As the largest and most comprehensive retrospective on the artist to date, this exhibition establishes Janvier as an important figure in the development of modern Indigenous art in Canada. “The McMichael is a preeminent institution that continues

Music, Cuisine, Culture - Taste of Iceland returns to Toronto November 9 to 12 2017

From a media release: Taste of Iceland returns to Toronto for four-day cultural celebration Experience the best of Icelandic cuisine, music, art and literature from November 9 to 12, 2017 • Check out the program Toronto, ON – This November, Taste of Iceland returns to Toronto for its seventh annual celebration of Icelandic culture. Presented by Iceland Naturally, the interactive four-day festival showcases the best of Iceland’s cuisine, art, music and literature, offering attendees an experiential glimpse into the renowned Icelandic culture. Taste of Iceland runs from November 9-12 at various locations throughout the city. “We are thrilled to celebrate the festival’s seventh year in Toronto, an inclusive city that always has such a positive and enthusiastic response to Icelandic culture,” said Kristjana Rós Guðjohnsen, festival director. “This year, we’ve added a discussion on Iceland’s influence on the global art scene, rounding out our cultural lineup showcasing Iceland’s

Dance in Toronto: Faizal Ddamba aka Mostrixx from UGANDA Workshops Oct 16-20 & Performance Oct 21 2017

From a media release: dance Immersion in partnership with TO Love-In presents FAIZAL DDAMBA aka MOSTRIXX Performance October 21, 2017 Workshops October 16 to 20, 2017 • Performance Tickets • Buy tickets for the workshop TORONTO - dance Immersion in partnership with TO Love-In presents Faizal Ddamba aka Mostrixx from UGANDA in performance ~ Alongside Alongside ijo vudu Dance International, Kool Kids Section, Gadfly, Mafa Makhubalo, Shavar Blackwood on October 21, along with a series of workshops leading up to it from October 16 to 20. Faizal Ddamba aka Mostrixx is a freelance professional dance performing artist and music producer. His expertise includes breaking, contemporary, popping, hip hop, house dance, fusing it all with African Ugandan traditional dance forms, giving it a unique rhythmic and groovy abstract afro texture. He joined Break Dance Project Uganda, a youth founded project that uses break dance and other elements of hip hop bridging young people together for