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With various themes related to the arts and culture running through my blog, the Travel pieces can get lost in the shuffle. Here's where you'll find a collection of the travel-related posts by month of publication, both original and curated, including links to some of my travel pieces in other publications at the very bottom.

March 2022:

Spier Wine Farm, South Africa
Spier Wine Farm, South Africa

February 2022:

Make Believe at SIXTY LES Hotel New York City
Make Believe at SIXTY LES Hotel New York City

 November 2021:

Harbin Ice-Snow World in Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province (Image courtesy of Xinhua Silk Road)
Harbin Ice-Snow World in Harbin, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province (Image courtesy of Xinhua Silk Road)

October 2021:

September 2021:

Roasting plaintain (Image by Amuzujoe/CCOC lic.)
Roasting plaintain (Image by Amuzujoe/CCOC lic.)

July 2021:

Gladstone House, Toronto
Gladstone House, Toronto - lobby (rendering courtesy of Gladstone House)

June 2021:

Bavaria, Germany
Bavaria, Germany

May 2021:

April 2021:

Untitled by Ron Hardee (Boca Raton Museum of Art)

March 2021:

January 2021:

Dhow on Diani Beach, Kenya by Herbert2512/Pixabay
Dhow on Diani Beach, Kenya by Herbert2512/Pixabay

November 2020:

October 2020:

September 2020:

Virtual travel
VR Sketch by Ventus17 from Pixabay

June 2020:

April 2020:

Neuschwanstein, Germany
Neuscwanstein, Germany

March 2020:

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay 

February 2020:

Casa Angelina on Italy's Amalfi Coast

January 2020:

Bonn, Germany, looking down over the Rhine

November 2019:

Toronto's Gladstone Hotel

September 2019:

Nuuk, Greenland

August 2019:

Todos Santos, Baja California by K.C. Dermody

July 2019:

Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland by Paul Stafford for 

June 2019:

Capitola Beach, California

May 2019:

Statue of Handel in the Marktplatz, Halle (Saale) Germany

April 2019:

Broadview Hotel, Toronto - Cafe + Bar

March 2019:

Foodie travel in Toronto with Chopsticks +Forks

February 2019:

Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Cables
  • Rio de Janeiro: The Perfect Place For An Active Holiday 
  • Old Miami Is New Again: The Biltmore Miami Coral Gables

  • January 2019:

    December 2018:

    Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

    November 2018:

    Jacmel, Haiti, seaside by Portauprincien

    September 2018:

    August 2018:

    Havana, Cuba

    July 2018:

    The Red Sea - on the Jordan Trail

    June 2018:

    Mt. Fuji, Japan

    May 2018:

    Nautilus - A SIXTY Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida

    April 2018:

    Leon, Spain

    February 2018:

    Ocean Coral & Turquesa Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

    January 2018:

    Windsor Arms Hotel, Toronto - tea room

    December 2017:

    Boulders Beach, South Africa

    November 2017:

    Gran Via, Madrid

    October 2017:

    The Hat King of Regensburg, Germany

    September 2017:

    Northern Cape region, South Africa

    August 2017:

    July 2017:

    Broadview Hotel, Toronto

    June 2017:

    Rose Hall Estate, Jamaica

    May 2017:

    Wine from Saxony

    April 2017:

    Cherry blossom season in Japan

    March 2017:

    The Rhino Resort in Portudal, Saly, Senegal

    February 2017:

    The Downtown Hotel, Mexico City

    January 2017:

    Niagara Ice Wine Festival

    December 2016:

    Torre Sant'Andrea, Lecce (Puglia, Italy) by Freddyballo

    November 2016:

    Cours Et Pavillons, Beijing, main lobby

    October 2016:

    1828 Smart Hotel, Buenos Aires

    September 2016:

    Lerwick, Shetland

    August 2016:

    Roof gardens, Le Corbursier House, Stuttgart
    July 2016:
    Kiriko Festivals in Noto Peninsula, Japan
    June 2016:
    Schwerin Castle - ©Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. (Mader, Fritz)

    May 2016:

    Balnea Spa, Bromont, Quebec

    April 2016:

    Riad Sapphire pool - Marrakech

    March 2016:

    Schönbrunn Palace (Vienna) by Arian Weger

    February 2016:

    Parma, Emilia Romagna

    January 2016:

    Spoleto Festival USA

    December 2015:               

    Aurora Village, Yellowknife, NWT

    November 2015: 

    Ocean Maya Royale all-inclusive resort (Cancun)

    October 2015: 

    traditional Icelandic cuisine

    September 2015: 

    Central Park, New York City - copyright Anya Wassenberg
    Central Park, New York City

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      Toronto skyline (looking west to east)
      Times Square, NYC

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      Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany (Image by Helmut H. Kroiss from Pixabay)